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  1. GhostWolf

    Working for your welfare.

    We have had Workfare in America for more than a decade.
  2. GhostWolf

    Laptop power without an electrical outlet?

    Bringing laptop with you...good idea but I would take a water proof bag with you. One reason RAIN. If you plan on taking it with you to get online. I got one question how?
  3. GhostWolf

    what other fandoms/subcultures do you belong to?

    I belong to a few videogames, anime, Doctor Who, I am also in to radio/audio programs.
  4. GhostWolf


    My biggest is snakes, it took me years just to stand to be in the same room with them. But I won't go any where near them.
  5. GhostWolf

    Feel so sad

    Your work is excellent!!! and I don't give praise lightly.
  6. GhostWolf


    One thing I know with some comics, when they are out of print they become hard to find.
  7. GhostWolf

    Anyone on Facebook and Twitter?

    yep I am on both
  8. GhostWolf

    Submission Problem: Images refuse to upload

    I have to ask what browser are you using? on the main FA site I can't load anything via Firefox, maybe it's the way they changed the browser but even some sites are impossible to access on Firefox these days. Have you tried either Chrome or IE?
  9. GhostWolf

    What to Wear Under the Suit?

    I even heard some go to camping stories where they pick up these I even heard some go as far as getting water cool underwear.
  10. GhostWolf

    How much should a furisuit cost?

    If you want to go a cheaper route you could always pick up a animal costume from a local costume shop.
  11. GhostWolf

    Must everyone be so sexual?

    When I started my furry blog a couple of years ago. I originally planned it as a place to post news of interests to furries. My own and hopefully others stories, and maybe the occasional piece of furry art. Let me tell you that fell flat right from the start. I actually had to sex things up just...
  12. GhostWolf

    Copycat VS. Genre

    Where have you been gaming companies have been doing that since the beginning.
  13. GhostWolf

    Any interest in a Furry "dating sim" style game?

    I would play it if it was a good game
  14. GhostWolf

    Explosions reported at Boston marathon

    Me for one I am happy they caught the guy and I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his life!!!
  15. GhostWolf

    Explosions reported at Boston marathon

    Things have been happening fast this morning. First of all one of the pair is dead, died in a shoot out with the cops. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324493704578432030609754740.html The latest is the cops think they know where the second one is...
  16. GhostWolf

    What was your biggest childhood disappointment?

    True story my father died when I was 7 we not only lost our home, but my family became homeless for a short time.
  17. GhostWolf

    hello, i am seaching for this...

    I checked and checked I can't find any info on it anywhere.
  18. GhostWolf

    Growing tomatoes - Mystery seedling

    2 words of advice when growing tomatoes, fertilizer and make sure the soil doesn't dry out.
  19. GhostWolf

    Disney bans fursuiters?

    I think the funniest thing is your taking The Onion seriously? Besides I know what Disney call fursuiters 'employees'
  20. GhostWolf

    Best old furry comics?

    I agree Circles is pretty good