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  1. DapperWolf


    Yep, in Washington state. I'm in Port Orachard, just across the sound from Seattle.
  2. DapperWolf

    How many times have you been insulted for being a Furry?

    I don't let anyone know much about my interest in the fandom. When I drew furry comics (PG-13) for fourteen years, everyone just assumed it was because I liked animals or couldn't draw humans. My husband is the only one who knows all about my furry interests. He sometimes rolls his eyes but...
  3. DapperWolf

    Comics/books etc based on gryphons?

    Though his audience is young adult, Rick Riordan's new book has a gryphon on the cover. I haven't read it or anything so I don't know how big a part a gryphon has in it. Mercedes Lackey, apart from the Mage Wars trilogy stated by Stratelier, wrote about some gryphons in her OwlSight and...
  4. DapperWolf

    Quick! Grab the object that is standing to the right of you! It will serve you as a weapon!

    A Funko Pop Vinyl of Nick Valentine. Well... he was pretty awesome as a battle companion.
  5. DapperWolf

    Favorite Energy Drinks!

    Monster makes a drink called "Rehab," which is super-caffeinated iced tea in a variety of flavors, with a bunch of vitamins. It has a surprisingly low 5 grams of carbs per can, which is great because I'm diabetic. My favorite is Raspberry, seconded by orange. I've had the most luck finding those...
  6. DapperWolf

    Okay... Let's party.

    Okay... Let's party.
  7. DapperWolf


    Roughly the size of a gray wolf when resting on all fours.
  8. DapperWolf

    What RPG class best suits your fursona?

    Wizard. No doubt about it.
  9. DapperWolf


    I once thought I should go with a lovely, big, powerful gryphon, seeing as how I've always loved gryphons. I drew and drew and drew, trying to get something that felt right. One day I took a pen and knocked out a sketch of a fat, fluffy, mohawked gryphon with a wolf's butt. I knew I had a winner...
  10. DapperWolf

    Opinion on Fluffy Dragons?

    As a matter of fact, I have a statue of a fluffy dragon on my desk made by Schleich, as I remember it was from their "Bayala" toy series. www.pinterest.com: Make Believe I think the concept is awesome.
  11. DapperWolf

    Just lookin' for a friend

    I don't think having more than one fursona is weird. For a long time, I had two going. No one told me it was wrong in any way. Anyway, welcome. I'm new here too.
  12. DapperWolf


    Totally new to the forum, totally not new to furry fandom. I hope to meet some great people here and have a place to hang out in the wee hours. So Hello! I'm Tallon. My fursona is an anthro-gryphon with wolfish hindquarters who likes to roam the Celestial plane and chase comets. In real life...