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  1. JonoD

    Chatting with a webcam girl

    I do love messing around with spambots to see how advanced the AI is. Admittedly, my chats with such spambots are very brief. Typical ones go as follows: Much fun had by all.
  2. JonoD

    'Salutation of Choice Here'!

    I mainly make documentaries about anything and everything, really. Whatever people ask me to make! I suppose the biggest one I've made is this which was about the Summer of Sonic 2013 convention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDDsOf1H2Hk It's certainly the one I'm most proud of. I suppose...
  3. JonoD

    'Salutation of Choice Here'!

    Oh indeed! I'm lucky enough to have one of the world's twistiest rides right here in the UK. 14 inversions back to back. Bliss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEA-o_f2k44
  4. JonoD

    Nerdy stand-up and geek culture humor

    He's not too well known, but I've recently been watching a bunch of stuff by Japanese comedian Jinnai Tomonori. He's done several sketches about certain games or has dropped video game references into a lot of his skits. The one he's most famous for is this one he did about Tetris...
  5. JonoD

    'Salutation of Choice Here'!

    Hello, greetings, goodbye and hello again! For the sake of ease, the name's Jono :) I'm from the South West of England, and a documentary filmmaker by trade. At the same time, I enjoy being a part time roller coaster enthusiast, pinball player, collector and Sonic fan. Feel free to talk to me...