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  1. WolvesSoulZ

    Seeking artist for 2 char drawing and set of matching avatars.

    Title says most of what I am looking for today! One char is mildly complicated(Wings/antlers mainly), the other is not too complicated. Budget is between 60-80$ for the two char, and around 20-30$ for the matching avatars. Will talk with my bf to see whom we should take and price points...
  2. WolvesSoulZ

    Looking for some neat matching/couple icon

    Sup guys! It's been a while since I've logged here and asked to find for artists, but I'm pretty out of ideas and would like to know what you guys that visit this forum can do, or can point me to some artists. I'm not on a high budget right now for it, have 18$CAD on my bank account, so if...
  3. WolvesSoulZ

    do you try to use your fursona name publicly?

    Same, prefer everyone I talk on IM's to call me by my real name.
  4. WolvesSoulZ

    Preparing for cold weather, what to wear?

    Up to -25C, Jeans + T-shirt + Coat + Shoes is alright, at least to what we're used in my place.
  5. WolvesSoulZ

    Age limit?

    Depend on how old you actually are and what's your current size.
  6. WolvesSoulZ

    Bi-Polar Mods? XP

    Fixed it for you.
  7. WolvesSoulZ

    Bi-Polar Mods? XP

    You have strange tastes...
  8. WolvesSoulZ

    Bi-Polar Mods? XP

    Well I don't think that a super tiny dong is cute... The use of "XD" in your post makes your post invalid.
  9. WolvesSoulZ

    Bi-Polar Mods? XP

    Is the weather cold down there?
  10. WolvesSoulZ

    Bi-Polar Mods? XP

    You'd need a few more(lots) inches for that!
  11. WolvesSoulZ

    Phile=/= sexual

    And we care?
  12. WolvesSoulZ

    Your occupation? (Is there a poll for this?)

    I'm a student working in an Airsoft/paintball/karting place for a living.
  13. WolvesSoulZ

    IRL Help needed.

    Play airsoft, and smile... then you'll learn that you don't want to get shot.
  14. WolvesSoulZ

    IRL Help needed.

    It has no repairs made to it , only upgrades and homemade fixes. 3 years old war torn rifle with top quality internals.
  15. WolvesSoulZ

    IRL Help needed.

    I was doing that for my team members before I got the job at the local airsoft store. Heck, I still do it. My AK alone is worth more than those two things.
  16. WolvesSoulZ

    IRL Help needed.

    I've been an airsoft player for around 4 years now, I'm the owner of one of the biggest local team also a guntech, and I had to take a break after 4 years, and this was for the good part of the summer. There's some games where I do good, and some where I do bad. Highest KD being 9:1, didn't...
  17. WolvesSoulZ

    Akinator, the Web Genius

    Went for Vladimir Putin, and it got it, but yeah, this is old stuff.
  18. WolvesSoulZ

    I Dream of Processor

    You absolutely don't need to get the 965, as you can achieve the small overclock in seconds by yourself. Also op, you should tell us what's your PSU and your motherboard socket type. You also don't need 6gb of ram for gaming, 4gb is enough. You won't be able to max every games out there even...
  19. WolvesSoulZ

    itt North Korea does some more dumb shit

    North Korea is best Korea!