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  1. Waccoon

    Bad news: FA's run out of storage space/Good news: We're adding a 12TB storage serve

    Re: Bad news: FA's run out of storage space/Good news: We're adding a 12TB storage se A few things I'd like to bring up: Some people are taking about purging their galleries to make space on FA. I've gotten two journals about it today. I was under the impression that this would not free up...
  2. Waccoon

    Fur Affinity Turns 6!

    This comment was aimed at redfoxnudetoons, but I really need to answer this. First, security problems are related to how the server processes information received from the client. You can't tell this from markup at all, so saying you can't see anything that constitutes insecure code is pretty...
  3. Waccoon

    Fur Affinity Turns 6!

    Indeed. There's a number of measures that can be taken to reduce the risks, but really, all coders on a project have to design with security in mind. I've spent a lot of my time refactoring other peoples' code to patch security holes. UI programmers are usually pretty well paid compared to UI...
  4. Waccoon

    Comment Problem: Spaces added to consecutive links, breaks links

    FA ACCOUNT NAME: Waccoon There seems to be an issue with the auto-linker when posting comments. I've only seen it on comments on journals so far, but I presume it would work with comments on submissions, too. It is not a problem in the journal itself -- only the comments. When multiple...
  5. Waccoon

    AJAX, neat style, etc.

    I can't even begin to cover what's wrong with AJAX style. - No progress indicators. - No page refresh if the network stalls. - Download on demand messes with browser scrollbars (FAP drove me nuts). - One error breaks everything (this is more the fault of web browsers, but still). -...
  6. Waccoon

    What is considered a "valid" password?

    Most passwords (on all web sites) are hashed from a relatively small set of characters. A mixture of unusual characters will usually give you more security than a really long password full of standard letters, which is why people encourage using upper case letters and numbers. 64-2000...
  7. Waccoon

    FA Reprocesses Images... Can we improve it some?

    Images are reprocessed to save bandwidth, and by default, thumbnails are all JPEG files. That's just the way it is. JPEG doesn't know how to deal with alpha channels, and therefore strange things can happen. See all the really thick outlines where they should be thin? That's because the PNG...
  8. Waccoon

    Selective journal watching

    I'd just be satisfied if anything by "The Poster" is not included in my journal message list.
  9. Waccoon

    Caching issues and file names

    Is there any chance that when some files are updated, the names could be changed, reducing the number of browser caching issues? The banner, for example, always has the same file name when it is changed, and that means most people won't see the new banner until they do a Ctrl-F5 (or however...
  10. Waccoon

    FA Reprocesses Images... Can we improve it some?

    I have this problem on my oekaki board as well when people are uploading PNG files with alpha channels. I "fixed" it, but it takes some work. FA thumbnails are JPEG files which do not support alpha, and that leads to some problems with PNG files that use alpha channels. When the image is...
  11. Waccoon

    Server Hardware Fault

    Only if navigation is improved. I prefer to see pictures as a flat gallery, rather than have to step through multiple galleries, unless each gallery has, say, more than 10 pictures. Also, there would have to be some indication of whether said galleries contain pictures at all. I always forget...
  12. Waccoon


    When FurAffinity goes offline for maintenance, would it be possible to change the HTTP caching values? Every time FA goes out and comes back online again, I still get the maintenance screen. I hate having to reload and reload to check if FA is actually back or not.
  13. Waccoon

    Why the search is disabled?

    Is there any way to narrow down the search options? Sometimes I want to reach an account but I forgot how to spell and artist's name or forgot an underscore or something like that. I wouldn't think that would be anywhere near as processor intensive than searching tags.
  14. Waccoon

    Is it just me...

    Nghh... don't like the colors, personally. It's murky, and now looks too much like Furry Art Pile (before it went down, of course). I hope it's temporary. The search... is amusing. To be honest, I never realized how little I missed that feature since there's so much cross-linking going on...
  15. Waccoon

    Icon algorithm?

    Could someone write a very simple description of how FurAffinity's icon generator works? The problem is that when I submit my own PNG icons that are sized properly and generally less than 1K, FurAffinity still makes JPG versions of them, which look awful and end up being much larger than the...
  16. Waccoon

    New Server Order Date: DELAYED

    RE: New Server Order Date: December 1st, 2006 Probably been answered somewhere else, but... Are you accepting donations any way that don't include middlemen, or allow more than $50?
  17. Waccoon

    Main Site User Avatar Limit - 25K

    If somebody needs help reducing the filesize of their avatar, I'm offering some help here: Journal There's a useful PNG compressor called PNGOUT which is simply the best PNG utility I've ever seen, though it is a command-line tool. The author also has an IrfanView plugin version...
  18. Waccoon

    Template UI Revisions

    I prefer "breadcrumb style" navigation. Putting everything into a table in the right sidebar is very painful. Also, putting anything on the right side of the screen is a bad idea, as that's the stuff that goes off-screen when the layout gets tight. No website should be designed foremost for...
  19. Waccoon

    Kill that firefox button...

    These kind of buttons don't really bother me, but they do waste valuable space. Save them for a FAQ page. Also note that Firefox does have some problems supporting MP3s, bugs me constantly to install plugins that aren't available when viewing non-pictures, and the Javascript debugger goes...
  20. Waccoon


    Forgive me if this has been brought up before, but it'd be nice if it was easier to tell how many pictures are in *both* galleries. The submissions tag shows how many total submissions there are, but I can never tell if they are all gallery images or if there's anything in the scraps section...