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  1. Wyrwulf

    More Kung Fu Panda?

    Dreamworks is planning no such thing. There is currently one sequel on the studio's schedule, for 2011. The might make 6 KFP moves eventually, if each film continued to rake in the cash, but they'd never schedule more than one at a time. Shrek had no planned sequels before the first film came...
  2. Wyrwulf

    Why does your fursona have it's markings?

    It does more than just hint, although I like to think it's also true to the character. ;)
  3. Wyrwulf

    Why does your fursona have it's markings?

    It demonstrates his mild narcissism, AND saves me from having to draw him exactly the same every time. :D
  4. Wyrwulf

    Why does your fursona have it's markings?

    Wyr's markings are all cosmetic. Periodically he removes and reapplies them in different ways.
  5. Wyrwulf

    Last movie you've seen?

    Monsters vs Aliens. Props to Modesto.
  6. Wyrwulf

    What's your fav furry weapon?

    The legal system.
  7. Wyrwulf

    Undercover Mosques

    People have always disagreed with each other to the point of trying to kill the other guy. Religion, politics, economics, interior design, what they disagree about isn't important. Muslims kill Christians, Christians kill Jews, Communists kill Capitalists, and all vice versa as well. A religion...
  8. Wyrwulf

    Meet the spartans

    I enjoy stupid parody movies like Epic Movie; sometimes an hour and half of mindless gay jokes is just what I want. :p And that's what MTS is, one long gay joke. If that makes you laugh (gay Kevin Sorbo and the fat spartan made me laugh), then go ahead and see it.
  9. Wyrwulf

    Future Legal Issues Looming?

    The bill hasn't even gone to committee yet, last I checked. I'd be surprised if this makes it to the President's desk at all, let alone in anything resembling it's current form. Most of the laws passed to protect minors from internet porn have been struck down by the courts, in part or in full.
  10. Wyrwulf

    The Golden Compass

    I just saw it last night. If the movie toned down the anti-organized-religion message, I can't imagine what the books are like. The Magisterium is the most two-dimensionally evil organization since Sauron's Army. As someone who never read the books before, I found it quite enjoyable. Tho I am...
  11. Wyrwulf

    **You can patch EVE Online at the moment**

    RE: **I wouldn't patch EVE Online at the moment** I went into the forums after patching to see if anyone else was having the same problem I was with missing laser effects. Good thing I did, because I was missing my boot file too. Fortunately, System Restore took care of it. But I doubt I'd have...
  12. Wyrwulf

    How did you discover FA?

    I followed in the great exodus of porn addicts from SheezyArt, a small detour into y!gallery before the ban notwithstanding.
  13. Wyrwulf


    Ahh, Murphy's Law in action. If you tempt Fate by using a system known to be insecure, sooner or later you're going to get burned. Remember kids, if you're a target (and anything associated with FA will always be), start acting like it.
  14. Wyrwulf

    Army building furry robots

    Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot (BEAR) First extraction, then, the world!
  15. Wyrwulf

    The End

    I bet FAP is seeing a huge number of new people join. :P
  16. Wyrwulf

    FA Down?

    More generally, Alkora/Jheryn originally founded FA in the wake of SheezyArt's decision to ban mature art. For awhile FA was operated by him and some of his friends, until a series of events more twisted than daytime television resulted in Alkora stepping down from day-to-day administration.
  17. Wyrwulf

    Um WTF!?

    Oh, it took months to get FA going again after the fallout from the end of Arcturus' adminship. My memory fails me, but there may have been one shutdown before than one as well due to fighting by the higher ups.
  18. Wyrwulf

    The End

    This is at least the third time that administrative bickering has brought the site down. So far FA seems nearly impossible to kill permanently.
  19. Wyrwulf

    Um WTF!?

    It's like a head on collision between two short buses. Could someone more familiar with dates and such tell me if FA lasted longer this time around, versus the last time the site dissolved into administrate petty feuding? Near as I can tell the cycle around here is pretty regular.
  20. Wyrwulf

    Coming Out as a Fur

    When I was 14 my mom showed me where my dad kept his old Playboys, and offered to buy me some of my own. Her only rule was that it had to be soft-core. She said it was only normal for a teenage male.