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  1. Y-de

    Thoughts on my fursona?

    For a while now, my personal choice of a fursona has been a black cat with solid white eyes: nothing wrong with his eyes, just how they look. My problem, however, is that I don’t know if black cats are too common, and if there are refs that are arguably similar- if not identical- to mine. See...
  2. Y-de

    Mobile Upload Issues

    Okay, thanks for the clarification! Hope everything gets sorted out with the DDoS situation!
  3. Y-de

    Mobile Upload Issues

    I finally got done with a project on my phone and I need to upload it to FA. However, every time I hit Upload the website redirects me to whatever the new “anti-DDoS” page is, then redirects me BACK to the page where it tells me to upload my content, with no traces of my content being uploaded...
  4. Y-de

    Sona Situation...

    I’m not entirely sure how to describe my issue, but I’ll do my best. My current fursona is Wyler, a black cat. Sure I like him and there’s nothing wrong with his design, in my eyes, but I don’t feel a connection to him, you know? Many of you who have a fursona have a connection with the...
  5. Y-de

    Posting from IOS?

    So, bad luck hit, and I don’t have my laptop anymore. I have a phone, but is there any way I can upload text files from here?
  6. Y-de

    Putting Pen to Paper...

    I've been having trouble recently putting pen to paper. I have ideas for stories, but lack the words to turn it into the story I have envisioned in my head. For example, I had an idea for a story about an insane lamia who escapes prison and attacks the protagonist(?), and I have some idea as to...
  7. Y-de

    Critique: Help finding my groove...

    I've really been trying to come up with an art style, but I've hit a wall in terms of drawing. I want to come up with a drawing style that's simple but doesn't look cheap. What advice can you give me, and what artists should I be studying?
  8. Y-de

    Looking For Prompts

    Hello! Anybody have any ideas for stories? I'm looking for some and am open to suggestions. Whether or not I'll write them will depend on both time and personal interest. Feel free to provide any refs for characters you'd like in the story. The more detail you have for your idea, the better...