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  1. SaruCharmed

    $40 full body flats - first 5 get one for $15!!

    Finished! For everyone else, I want to note that it took this long because I waited until RufusRyan was available to watch me while I drew this. If you commission me, you will probably get it in a day or two. Shaded it for being the first one here. ^-^
  2. SaruCharmed

    Bringing a femboy deer to life

    I've made lots of characters like that and would be totally into the idea of communicating with you during the process! You can check out my gallery here but I'll also include some examples below of deers and deerlike characters I've drawn as well as a few fem/fem-ish boys.
  3. SaruCharmed

    Looking To Hire Someone To Do Foot Pain (Slapstick Inspired, Female)

    I could do something like that! My gallery Examples of my art style:
  4. SaruCharmed

    (NSFW) Another commission...

    If I understand it correctly, I could do this. My gallery, and some examples below!
  5. SaruCharmed

    $40 full body flats - first 5 get one for $15!!

    Gladly! Paypal would definitely be the best for me. You can go ahead and pm me to discuss details. :)
  6. SaruCharmed

    How would you price me?

    Personally I think you're undercharging.
  7. SaruCharmed

    $40 full body flats - first 5 get one for $15!!

    I'm selling full body portraits right now! Some examples shown below. Nude (SFW/NSFW) or clothed okay, but nothing too complicated. I'm very happy to keep in communication with you during the process. If I can figure out how to set it up, I may even be willing to let you watch me draw it on...
  8. SaruCharmed

    First Time Character

    I can do a reference for you for $80. Here's an example of a reference sheet and a wolf character I've drawn for someone else. You can also check other examples of my art in the thumbnails or at my gallery. :)
  9. SaruCharmed

    Skunk TF Art

    I could certainly attempt rubber by making them look smooth and shiny. Especially with the help of a reference. You can check the examples below as well as my gallery to see if you like my art style. For a reference like the first image posted, I could probably do for about $80? reference...
  10. SaruCharmed

    Looking for an artist for a Christmas themed ref (2 wolves, headshots)

    I could probably achieve what you're describing for about $30. :) You can check my gallery for more examples.
  11. SaruCharmed

    Looking for an artist for Faun redesign!

    I could help you! Here are some examples of my work and if you want to see more, check out my gallery here!
  12. SaruCharmed

    Seeking art for my draggo boi

    I draw cute expressions, kinda anime-ish style, and love drawing butts! I also like drawing dicks and boobs and all those other things. :) You can check my gallery here!
  13. SaruCharmed

    Limited: $5 avatars! Taking 5

    I'll draw you one non-animated avatar consisting of a headshot of your character + background for $5! Taking five slots!
  14. SaruCharmed

    Commissioning artist to draw new sona

    I might be able to help you. I'll post some examples but you can also check my gallery here.
  15. SaruCharmed

    Hi out there

    I wouldn't mind working for a Steam gift card, because I am actually planning on buying a Steam game when it comes out next month, and $15 is actually my price for a flat color headshot. Here's some examples of my work and you can find more at my gallery. But what kind of thing were you thinking of?
  16. SaruCharmed

    (NSFW) LF Refrence Sheet $65 budget

    I would be very capable of this task. Here's an example of a reference I've made. You can also check my gallery for more examples.
  17. SaruCharmed

    Looking for a scalie orientated artist for a reference sheet.

    I do draw furry animals more often than not, but I really enjoy drawing dragons and dinosaurs and would be capable of making you a reference sheet of a lizard character. My most recent drawing was of a lizard. Here's an example of a ref sheet I've done. (NSFW but I can make you a SFW one if you...
  18. SaruCharmed

    NFSW Bombshell

    Hey there! Drawing nude humanoids is my specialty! I don't do full humans that often but I'm certainly capable. My sona is pretty close to a human anyway since he's a monkey. Check [/url=my"]Artwork Gallery for SaruCharmed -- Fur Affinity [dot] net gallery[/url] to see my NSFW art.