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  1. Kaine Wuff

    Help with main site account? PW recovery not working.

    Thanks for the help, I'd considered a trouble ticket indeed, but didn't actually create one til after your suggestion. I submitted a trouble ticket with the account I still had access to the previous Monday. Still not so much as a peep, no replies. I feel kinda silly in bumping this, as it's...
  2. Kaine Wuff

    Help with main site account? PW recovery not working.

    So yeah - Long story short, I have two main site accounts with two separate emails. I created the newer one last year, but wound up deciding not to use it - I voluntarily disabled the account via the account management page. It's been months since I've attempted to log into the newer account...
  3. Kaine Wuff

    What is the best anti-virus?

    I keep other specific detection toolkits on hand of course, and have my own copy of Hiren's, heh. And I've kept MBAM up to date too of course. Haven't used Spybot in ages, personally.
  4. Kaine Wuff

    GPU Help.

    Have a BFG 9800 GT as well, with a rather crappy (imo) stock fan/cooler. From a cold start, the card starts well below 40C. Idles at around 60-62C, and when under load in graphic intensive games, the fan kicks in and keeps it below 72C. From what I know, my temps are on the high end of...
  5. Kaine Wuff

    What is the best anti-virus?

    I have to ask, why is MBAM so highly recommended? I have used it on and off for the last two years, and it has literally picked up ZERO things. I've had much better detection rates with avast and Avira. Used Malwarebytes on PC's I know were infected in the past, it failed to pick anything up.
  6. Kaine Wuff

    External hard drives?

    Amen. The Mybook's software was a nightmare - glad I don't have to deal with it in Linux. I'm starting to collect more HD's than I'd like in my PC anyway, so I'll probably also go the route of external enclosure in the future.
  7. Kaine Wuff

    TF2 update Thread. Thoughs, Rants, Complaints?

    Kinda funny, because I thought balance was getting rather well tuned, until they dropped the Mann-conomy and Polycount pack updates. It's not too terrible just yet, but when the Mann-conomy starts pumping retarded new usermade items out, I demand Valve seperate 'classic' TF2 (pre-update), and...
  8. Kaine Wuff

    The Age-Old Question

    Same as any other hobby or interest really. We find the ideas that furries and/or the fandom represent interesting, so we devote time to find out more and become engaged in them, either through art, stories, music, or just talking with others that share similar interest.
  9. Kaine Wuff

    Router problems.

    D-link router here. I'd have never believed overheation could potentially damage and eventually cause a router to fail, but it happened to me. PC's on the home network had been having a lot of connectivity issues over the summer (both wired and wireless connections), and I'd initially blamed it...
  10. Kaine Wuff

    What is the best anti-virus?

    What's FSM have to do with Avast? o.o
  11. Kaine Wuff

    Is it just me?

    An online relation is definitely difficult, because you don't get to share physical nuances, and the person can always just cut off all contact. It's difficult to express how much one really cares for the other. But if you're serious about it, you'll eventually have to reveal your negative...
  12. Kaine Wuff

    Vegetarian? Vegan? Love Meat?

    I despise PETA for so many reasons beyond their pathetic promotion of the vegetarian lifestyle. Definite meat eater here though, although I'm voting everything. I make sure my diet's plenty varied.
  13. Kaine Wuff

    What's your Windows Subscore?

    Personally, I disabled the annoying WEI Indexer thingy that automatically runs every so often to test my computer's capabilities. I mean, come on, I don't plan on changing my PC's hardware any time soon, so why on earth did Microsoft decide to make this thing test weekly? Anyway, my results and...
  14. Kaine Wuff

    What is the best anti-virus?

    A topic that's constantly brought up, but is impossible to easily answer. Personally, Avira was the only thing that successfully detected and helped me deal with a nasty MBR rootkit that hit me over a year ago, outside of specific rootkit detection software. And it runs reliably with a low...
  15. Kaine Wuff

    External hard drives?

    Make sure you get an external HD with an eSata interface if you want to be accessing large files on it often (ie videos, games ect.) USB 2.0 is fine if you'll be storing things long term, but it's a tad slow if you plan to be moving things around a lot. Oh and, personally, I recommend against a...
  16. Kaine Wuff

    Dead Rising 2

    Still on the fence with this title. The main reason I want to get it is cause people I know are playing it, and they seem to be under the odd impression that I'm a good coop player. ... suddenly I want to look into this more.
  17. Kaine Wuff

    Swallowing Pills Help

    I have a bit of a mental or involuntary thing too, cause I can't take even small pills without a spot of water. Other than water... I really don't know what to suggest.
  18. Kaine Wuff

    Do You Cook?

    I often have to make dinner for my family, and do occasionally bring side-dishes for family events, or, at least, help in making them. I don't get to work with seafood often enough though sadly. I don't think I've ever even had salmon. >.>
  19. Kaine Wuff

    Is PC gaming "back"?

    I don't think the PC industry ever started waning, but it definitely plateaued in the mid 2000's, yeah, while consoles caught up. I have to say though, that online distribution platforms such as Steam really took off around the same time. God only knows Steam's got me hook line and sinker for...
  20. Kaine Wuff


    It's okay. I only just learned that meaning of 'till' a few weeks ago myself.