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  1. korychi

    Do you have any "furry habits" IRL?

    When ever someone taps my back or something like that and it surprises me I make a high pitched eek sort of sound, similar to a fox cry. I start to make claw like gestures with my hands and move them around subconsciously while explaining something. I also mew or meow or nya without realizing...
  2. korychi

    Do the majority of people who know you are a furry irl even care you are one?

    They don't care/know what a furry is. When I wore a tail and ears to school onces, a lot of people asked why I was wearing them, and I said because I'm a furry, and they just sort of said okay... and walked away, so I assume most people don't know what they are. And my friends that do know what...
  3. korychi

    Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

    I don't try to keep it a secret or anything, but its sort of awkward to bring up, and explaining what exactly a furry is gets even awkwarder. My dad and a few of my friends know I'm a furry. They don't really have any negative feelings about it except for some of my friends thinking my wearing...
  4. korychi

    Furs By Species 2

    Neko Kitsune (Kitty Fox).
  5. korychi


    http://www.anime-planet.com/ An excellent site to use when looking for anime to watch. It gives suggestions for every anime ever created.
  6. korychi

    Should FAF....

    I'd like there to be a RP board, but then again I also agree with the overbearingness of yiff. There should be two separate sub forums under the RP board for yiff and clean RP. Edit: Ninja'd. -__-
  7. korychi

    Dog collars

    Hehe, my dad didn't really say anything when I said "God I want a collar so badly." except for "I'm not going to let you ruin your childhood to that extent.". My dad's cool with me being a furry, he lets me wear a tail and ears just not the collar. My mom knows I wear a tail and ears but I don't...
  8. korychi

    Dog collars

    Would wear a collar but my parents don't allow it. :(
  9. korychi

    Do you have a lot of furry friends?

    I've never seen another furry IRL.
  10. korychi

    *Hides in Mr. Corner while nomming pillow* ._.

    *Licks Sgt. Andrews* Yea, like most all furries I'm a socially awkward person, and thats has lead me to avoid meeting new people, which has turned into shyness.
  11. korychi

    *Hides in Mr. Corner while nomming pillow* ._.

    Mr. Corner is somewhat of an insider for people who have watched Soul Eater. >>
  12. korychi

    *Hides in Mr. Corner while nomming pillow* ._.

    *Slowly crawls out of Mr.Corner into this dreaded thing called the light* ._. "Hi...I'm Korychi, but most people shorten it to Kory or Ittch. I'm a neko kitsune, or in English, kitty fox, and my fur is black, red, with some white. Sorry I don't have a picture of my fursona, I'm still practicing...