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  1. Razrien

    how often you come to visit FA ?

    Usually just every few days or so, when I can remember to. Sometimes a bit longer :confused: I tend to have mild to severe internet ADD, and get easily distracted by other shiny websites.
  2. Razrien


    ..cyborg fursona? Sounds kinda hot, with all those detachable parts and such <3
  3. Razrien

    The angry thread.

    Maby some people get a bit 'too' into it, and end up disliking themselves for it? I'm not sure, Mr. Dragon, but thats what i'm hoping to find out! ^^
  4. Razrien

    The angry thread.

    Mornin, FA. So i've always wondered this, and its probably been tossed around on the forums here many, many times before, but.. does the fandom naturally turn people into angry, depressed anti-furs? Now, I understand that normal (..saying this as loosley as I can in these forums) people go...
  5. Razrien

    Do you has a mate?

    Sure is pounced.org in here.
  6. Razrien

    FA Gamers - Steam Servers Opening Soon

    Well, heres my L4D contribution, still tryin to figure out how to rotate the maps, and set a password and all that to it >.> Should work.. I hope. ~connect in console to my ip here. If its full, i'll edit this and try to set up a few more. :)
  7. Razrien

    Left 4 Dead private server

    Ah crap XD didn't see the thread right below this one. Please ignore and delete this if you can.
  8. Razrien

    Left 4 Dead private server

    If I got a couple up an runnin, would anyone be interested?
  9. Razrien

    Favourite furry/scalie bits

    I'm mostly an 'ass' guy, but I had trouble deciding either that, or the claws thing XD I love a soft, tight ass, but.. theres just something about a thick set of claws runnin down my back... mmnnrrrr... <3<3
  10. Razrien

    How big is your anthro/furry/yiff folder?

    All my stuff is on a dvd-rw thingie ^^ I think about a gig or so.. though its mostly a mix of anthro and anime things. My furry folder isn't too big XD maby.. a few 100mb's. I'm all about the pornz, but i'm kinda picky with what I actually save for later ^.~ Mostly been goin to lulz, or...
  11. Razrien

    What was the initial reaction to FA cashing into dust?

    I shrugged, and went back to watching Hancock on the other firefox tab. Though upon later inspection, I discovered the forums here ^^ which has somehow turned into another version of livejournal to some.. Its been funny as hell reading all the angry, angsty comments alot of furs leave due...
  12. Razrien

    MSN Fur Party Everyone And Anyone.

    Meh sure ^^ what the heck? Long as there's booze xD
  13. Razrien

    Raz. Plain an simple. ^^

    Very true ^.~ Neither me nor my bunny self is the 'athletic' type XD We're in shape! Round is a shape, dammit >.> ((though not as bad as alot of other furs i've seen, I gotta admit, I can still see my toes, and touch them easily XD its just.. I 'used' to be sexy, till I...
  14. Razrien

    Raz. Plain an simple. ^^

    Me on the right ^^ and my beloved on the left <3<3<3 ((2 years together this November ^.~)) Drawn by a very good friend <3 Raz, a very simple minded bunny, shuffling happily through life with his paws in his pockets, always wondering why everyone else is always so uptight, and depressed...
  15. Razrien

    What does your Avatar mean to you?

    My own av. is basically the same one I use on every forum I visit ^^ No real details, or much going on. Just a simple, anonymous bunny upon the internet, much like myself.
  16. Razrien

    Whats your favorite type of furry artwork ?

    I'd have to go with the kinda abstract, non-refined scribbles that some do ^^ its the first thing that comes to the artists mind, and theres been several occasions where i've seen the sketches actually be alot hotter than the finished products that they usually do <3<3
  17. Razrien

    Any fellow Fat Furs here?

    *raises paw* Lazy, fluffy, fat n' proud :D but hey.. thats the way bunnies are s'posed ta be, dammit! XD
  18. Razrien

    How furry are you?

    Been hoppin around since 2001 :grin: Pretty much past the point of no return here. Got into it for the different, neat looking artwork I saw at the time, and ended up staying and getting hooked on the porn and endless all night fuck n' suck rp's, back when AOL actually had decent furry...
  19. Razrien

    Pixar's "Presto"

    Oh gawds thats sooooo cute!!!!! ^.^ <3<3<3