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  1. AndrewNeo

    If you use it, why do you use firefox?

    Addons, addons, addons!
  2. AndrewNeo

    FA died D:

    I would guess there's an error in the code and it's not reporting what's happening for security reasons. I've had this happen on my PHP development server where a fatal error occurs, and errors are logged but not displayed. Just a white screen with no code.
  3. AndrewNeo

    System Error

    While that's true, it shouldn't be doing it all hours of the day, every day.
  4. AndrewNeo

    System Error

    I get the 502 a lot, usually when trying to open up stuff from my commissions list (coincidentally it's usually when I do them all at the same time, half of them 502, but a refresh makes it come up like it should) Probably a good thing to let the admins know.
  5. AndrewNeo

    FA is still alive

    FA's domain was just taken over, the server's still alive and well.
  6. AndrewNeo

    FA Down?

    It's down because it appears to be moved by the owner of the domain. Admin-level problem, goin on.
  7. AndrewNeo

    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    When you do redo the UI, please try and make it a bit more code friendly, i.e. stick a lot of descriptive ID tags around so we don't have to do XSLT transformations to find elements in greasemonkey extensions, or CSS modifications, and the like!