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  1. MorbidWolf

    The Unversed

    Apparently in KH 3D Vanitas appears again but died in Birth so.. That hinting we can possibly see Unverse again? Also in Birth I believe three different peope created Unverse (Queen, Tramaine and swear to god there was another one...) that have nothing to do with Vanitas so I believe in a game...
  2. MorbidWolf

    autistic Furrys

    I have Aspergers but I call it Autisim simply cuz enouncitating aspergers just annoys me.. I get flamed a lot when I mention I have it most people just say I don't 'type' like it and is just an ass trying to get attention.
  3. MorbidWolf

    Hello! :)

    Hiya and heh nice I'm Autistic too. Nice to meet ya you can call me Wolf.
  4. MorbidWolf

    Future Card Buddyfight!

    I was wondering if anyone seen this anime? I really love it and its tons of fun as is the card game itself. I'm currently caught up and I hope to see Axia with an awesome fighter. For those who not seen it its an anime whrere monsters exist and the humans use card games to kinda tame them...
  5. MorbidWolf

    Furry Anime

    Buddyfight is not exactly furry but the main char's partner is a dragon and late in the season they meet a gay dragon, Also there are tons of animals and anthros you can fan art for. I even seen a bunch of Drum artwork.
  6. MorbidWolf


    50$ which I spent 20 on and now I wanna spend rest on a Commander Deck of Magic. Tales of Xillia 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2.5
  7. MorbidWolf

    Kingdom Hearts and Furries?

    I don't see why we need to bring out Marvel and Star Wars levels.. There are tons of movies they can use. And shrink them down and use Rescuers or use Robin Hood or Sword in The Stone. Also I think the only thing wrong bout the concept is Sora's face. I think if it was a furry face it be totally...
  8. MorbidWolf

    Videogame Confession thread

    Confession: I think the bestiary is the funniest part of an rpg and get annoyed when its just stats.. I don't want stats! I want a story! RPGs are text heavey spend ten minutes creating a background for a monster seesh.. Confession: I often use Limits Ultimate Attacks Mystic Artes etc just to...
  9. MorbidWolf

    Kingdom Hearts and Furries?

    Don't forget their all minor chars.
  10. MorbidWolf

    New and clueless, but I'll say 'hi' anyway

    I am curious myself.
  11. MorbidWolf

    Kingdom Hearts and Furries?

    I know just cuz Xemnas wielded lightsabers doesn't mean we have to go to Tatoonie...
  12. MorbidWolf

    New and clueless, but I'll say 'hi' anyway

    We can gag you then you can't really complain.
  13. MorbidWolf

    Kingdom Hearts and Furries?

    *pecks on cheek* Anyway. There are a lot of movies that Disney can use. Haunted Mansion(more the ride) And they need to bring back Halloween town its been in 1 and 2 and has to be in 3 darn it! Also as long as the plot is cool I'll concede to live action movies in KH...
  14. MorbidWolf

    Kingdom Hearts and Furries?

    Can I kiss you for this reply?
  15. MorbidWolf

    Kingdom Hearts and Furries?

    Haha I know! And all those Nightmares/Dreams in Dream Drop were all animals not a single one was based off something else. I mean sure they need be kid friendly but no none animal Dreameater at all?? Hmmm.. For most part? You seem to only count two. There were lots of non humanoid heartless a...
  16. MorbidWolf

    Kingdom Hearts and Furries?

    I know that I just think maybe there some nods to fur fandom to compensate for the scrapped Sora look I mean he was a neko originally but they went with human. Hmm I just can't get over the concept art might be a hint he liked anthros.
  17. MorbidWolf

    Kingdom Hearts and Furries?

    True but Shaman is absolutely anthro. Its a monkey wearing a mask and casts spells. And Maybe but I was thinking bout the wilds in general those slingshooters for one. And I suppose The heartless not a very good point in my argument..
  18. MorbidWolf

    Has anyfurry/anyone been trolled by a video game

    Disgaea games I love them but seriously?? This unit can only be barely hurt from the front and is otherwise a total insta kill badass unless you grind for thirty hours to level 200...
  19. MorbidWolf

    New and clueless, but I'll say 'hi' anyway

    I forgot about that...
  20. MorbidWolf

    New and clueless, but I'll say 'hi' anyway

    What?? No fair no one tied me up when I joined.. Your just picky aren't you?