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  1. Mayflower

    Artist disappeared - what to do?

    I'm looking for some advice on how to handle a situation with an artist I have commissioned. I commissioned the artist several months ago and paid immediately. We had some good communication, and then the artist went silent for a couple of weeks, but then returned and gave me a sketch to...
  2. Mayflower

    Do you let others play with your fursona?

    What are your thoughts on letting other people borrow your fursona for a picture? It could be a picture that the person wants to draw themselves, or because they want to commission an artist to draw your fursona with another character. What about stories? Would you be okay with something...
  3. Mayflower

    Cancelled shows you wish would come back

    I hate when a good show gets cancelled, and it's very rare for me to start watching a show that has already been cancelled. When I get invested in a good story, I really need to see it finished. Here are the shows I would wish hadn't been cancelled, or would be somehow be renewed: Dominion I...
  4. Mayflower

    My fursona and other characters

    I wasn't quite sure if I should do this, but since I want to fit in here, I'd like to share some information about my fursona. I've slightly altered the Bio form available here, and used some information I had written about my fursona a long time ago. It's updated to fit into a more comtemporary...
  5. Mayflower


    Hi I'm new here. I've been lurking in the forums a couple of times, but mostly I've been looking at art on the main site. I suppose I'm not much of a furry myself, as I don't identify with my fursona. I really just like furry artwork and stories. It's not much of an introduction, I know, but...