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  1. Tailmon1

    Death Threats???

    Meh have had death threats several times in my life. Being Transgendered seems to attract some very nasty people. Had to beat up a few studly men that jumped us after leaving a club and more. Now that I am older I carry a 9mm and believe me I know how to use it.
  2. Tailmon1

    5/17 Site Attack

    It truly makes me sad that people have such hate and go to such lengths to cause problems. This case its going to get them Jail time if caught. I do hope they do get caught.
  3. Tailmon1

    The day will come when Fennec's will rule the world!

    The day will come when Fennec's will rule the world!
  4. Tailmon1

    Who remembers old FAF?

    Depends upon the term how old? I went back a ways. Lost a bunch of the stuff when things went poofta
  5. Tailmon1

    looks and sees Val behind her with a net!

    looks and sees Val behind her with a net!
  6. Tailmon1

    Giggles Its Alive!

    Giggles Its Alive!
  7. Tailmon1

    Hello everyone Grandma Fox is back!

    I guess I can poke my nose into the forums again and see what is going on. Looks for old friends and fiends....
  8. Tailmon1

    I'm new to this!

    Grandma fox says, "Sit Back Read, Enjoy!"
  9. Tailmon1

    Hi? ^^'

    Grammy fox welcomes you.
  10. Tailmon1

    second life Tailmon1 Skype, Brandychan1

    second life Tailmon1 Skype, Brandychan1
  11. Tailmon1

    E l l o

    Grandma Fox Welcomes you!
  12. Tailmon1

    Request's are open, gimme your ocs to draw

    Can you draw from my blue Fennec SL Pic's on my FA page? http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tailmon1/
  13. Tailmon1

    Furry Fiesta

    I'll be there again. Driving from Giddings TX to Dallas.
  14. Tailmon1

    Uh, Bonjour!

    Smiles Welcome to the Forums.
  15. Tailmon1

    Hello, world!

    Grandma Fox Welcomes You!
  16. Tailmon1

    I can't stop beating a dead horse, help me please?!

    As the old Fox says. "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished." it so rings true here. You did well to talk about it and bury it properly.
  17. Tailmon1


    Grandma Fox Welcomes You!
  18. Tailmon1

    What's your GPA looking like?

    Sounds like they are grading on a curve and that is grossly unfair to everyone.
  19. Tailmon1

    What's your GPA looking like?

    My GPA was up and down in High school and also college. In high school it was always between B and A or a 3.5 In college my first semester it was 4.0 and crashed to a 2.0 the year I was heavily involved in the animal house like Frat I was a member and also ended up running. The scarry part Is...