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  1. Dreamerwolf

    Fursuit Mystery boxes!

    www.furaffinity.net: Mystery Boxes! -- GEEKpaw's Journal Hello! I thought I'd see if there was any interest in some mystery box options from me. The choices are below: $700 - Fursuit deluxe: Head, tail, handpaws, arm sleeves, bandanna, reference art, badge + surprise (Could be a plushie, a...
  2. Dreamerwolf

    Two suits: Raptor/Manokit

    Two suits ready for shipping! Raptor head &tail, with ladder options available- $500(currently) www.thedealersden.com: Raptor suit Manokit fullsuit- currently $1400 https://www.thedealersden.com/listi…/manokit-fullsuit/135024 Images and info in links!
  3. Dreamerwolf

    Lack of stigma against commissioned suits?

    I do both, cosplay and fursuiting and I am familiar with the stigma of buying a cosplay over making your own (Although there is a big movement to take that stigma away!) and you're right, it's not the same for fursuits. In my opinion, it could be because A) Being a fursuiter is more about the...
  4. Dreamerwolf

    Searching a Fursuitbuilder for an Crocodile

    I'd be interested in making a gator! If you like my work, feel free to fill out the quote form! www.i-m.mx: Home Artwork Gallery for GEEKpaw -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  5. Dreamerwolf

    $300 head sale

    Sale is over, thanks!
  6. Dreamerwolf

    Custom Furry Funkos

    Hello! I'm selling custom Furry Funko POPs. Base price is $40+Shipping. That includes a modeling of species and a repaint. Extras are things like clothing, wings, reshaping, props..ect. Ask for a quote! Customs are based off of the DIY male or female figure. If you want an edit/repaint of an...
  7. Dreamerwolf

    Semi realistic fox

    Sold. Thanks for the interest!
  8. Dreamerwolf

    Semi realistic fox

    Bumping! This is still for sale..can be purchased with hair, or without. Lowered price!
  9. Dreamerwolf

    Looking for partial Fursuit Comissions

    I have separate pricing on my website: www.i-m.mx: Home and I am open for new projects.
  10. Dreamerwolf

    Artistic Liberty Head/tail -flash sale

    One slot remains. Offer is open until 10 PM tonight!
  11. Dreamerwolf

    Artistic Liberty Head/tail -flash sale

  12. Dreamerwolf

    Semi realistic fox

    FurBuy - View Auction #1083709 Semi-realistic style fox head. Brand New. Features LED eyes, lining, moving jaw. Resin base, jaw, and tongue by Dream Vision Creations, Eyes by YEEP. Comfortably fits 22-23 inch head size. It has magnet enclosures on the back of the head, for ease to take on/off...
  13. Dreamerwolf

    LF Fursuit Head/Hands/Tail (Husky)

    Hello.... I would be able to start work on this right away, and would be done in about a month. The price for the head would be $500, the feet $200. My website is here: www.i-m.mx: Home or, FA if you prefer: Userpage of geekpaw -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  14. Dreamerwolf

    Two discounted partials - $600

    My partials normally start at $850 so this is a good chance to get your partial made at a discounted price. Includes head, tail, feet and hands. Will be chosen at first come first serve, however, I reserve the right to not accept designs I feel are too complicated for this discount price. No add...
  15. Dreamerwolf

    Hand Sewing a FurSuit?

    When I started, I hand sewed everything, including bodies. Takes a long time, but it doable. I use a blanket stitch and would double stitch everything. Even triple stitch on high stress areas, like armpits and crotch. Just have patience, because it will take a while!
  16. Dreamerwolf

    Fox partial 1 day deal!

    ONE DAY ONLY! Because I would like to have some extra funds for Anthrocon, I'm offering this semi-partial for only $310+Shipping! But this offer is only valid until 7/8 at 10PM EST. The payment must be made/clear before then. Also note, because I will be leaving early on Thursday morning, if...
  17. Dreamerwolf

    Two Partials for sale

    http://www.furaffinity.net/full/16684785/ This was my fursona, but she has been refurbished. Needing some cash, so I changed it up and now it's for sale. I made some changes to the design, so that the character is now different and free to use! While this is a used suit, it was always well...
  18. Dreamerwolf

    No more than 5 mins wearing my head

    Are you claustrophobic or anything? The stress of wearing the enclosed space might be making it harder to breathe. If not, and it's just a matter of air flow, you could try making the head a little bigger, to add more space inside. Enlarge the mouth hole--there should be a direct open space to...
  19. Dreamerwolf

    Cat fursuit head--to be completed - $400

    No longer available as a commission. Finished head is up for sale however! https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/1345901-Gray-Cat-head
  20. Dreamerwolf

    Gray Cat head

    Grey cat fursuit head for sale. $400, shipping included in the U.S. All foam head, static jaw, follow me eyes. Fits a 22-23 inch head. Great vision and very light weight. This is a fleece-faced suit. I don't have enough of this fur to make a full suit, but I do have enough to make other...