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  1. Owleri

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Open Adopts! ($12-40)

    Posting some designs I currently have available! Info - Feel free to comment here or PM me directly to claim! - If you'd like some additional art I can offer commissions at a 20% discount when purchasing the design, Commission Info. -Once purchased designs will be transferred into your...
  2. Owleri

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions Open $12-85

    Hello! I currently have commissions open, I am able to draw creatures, humans, and anthro characters. My commissions are primarily sfw, any exceptions can be found listed on my Trello. I offer digital pieces, ranging from chibis, semi-realism, and even pixel pieces. As stated in the thread title...
  3. Owleri

    Would like a little critique

    I'm testing the waters as far as anthro art goes and I feel like I'm heading in a good direction but a little helpful critique can always help c: Pika (Rodent): www.furaffinity.net: Pika Anthro Sketch by Owleri B&G Macaw: www.furaffinity.net: Blue and Gold Macaw by Owleri These are my two most...
  4. Owleri


    Well I'm pretty new to Fur Affinity and missed out on the forums before so now that they're available I figured it was the perfect chance to jump in. A little about me...well I go by Eri and I'm an artist, not really in any specific area since I can draw pretty much anything but I'm hoping to...