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  1. thatdragonboy94

    Duct tape alternative

    I am allergic to duct tape does anyone know of a good latex free duct tape alternative for a duct tape dummy?
  2. thatdragonboy94

    Pros and cons of resin base

    As it says on the label what are pros and cons of using resin head base.
  3. thatdragonboy94

    Reference sheet for dragon.

    Hello! I am looking for someone to draw me a reference sheet for my dragon Zeke. I can pay no more than $25. I used Zhivago's Ultimate Reference sheet to get my basic idea of Zeke down. I need help especially with his facial markings. I have next to no artistic talent and would like the markings...
  4. thatdragonboy94


    Hiya! I am brand new to the furry fandom. My fursona is a dragon named Zeke. I want to get him redrawn soon because I have next to no artistic talent. I used Zhivago's Ultimate reference sheet to create him. I am a friendly person and am excited to join the fandom. BYE!