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  1. geeswest

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) 70$ Kemono colored fullbody commissions

    I'd be glad to draw any of your characters DM me if interested or have any questions! ♡ https://www.furaffinity.net/user/geeswest/
  2. geeswest

    Hiring: ($50+) NSFW sapphic art (humanoid)

    Ohh, I would love to! Here are some examples of sapphic art I made and just in general my humanoid art : > Would be interesting to make something soft nsfw My FA is geeswest DM if interested! For 60$ i could make fullbody sketch or flat halfbody
  3. geeswest

    Hiring: ($75+) Sea Dragon Redesign

    Hey! Would love to work with you on your character, if you like any of my styles. ^^ I didn't draw dragoness, but i drew some dragons :' ) So DM me if you'd be interested! My FA geeswest or e-mail: geesoarts@gmail.com
  4. geeswest

    Free Art: 2 slots YCH raffle

    I'm hosting an art raffle in my twitter! Check it out Rules: -Follow me -Retweet -You can try your luck on both slots by making two tweets The end is on October 1 Good luck!! <3
  5. geeswest

    Hiring: Ressy's NSFW Commission Search Thread!

    Hi! I would love to draw something for you. Both of your characters are very cute, but I guess drawing Niko would be more interesting for me :) I mostly draw girls or buff guys, but this body type shouldn't be a problem at all. I don't draw hardcore NSFW, just mild pinups, I guess. But I can...
  6. geeswest

    Hiring: Bunny SFW & NSFW Commissions [$100-$200+]

    Hey! I've got some emotion meme YCH slots open, maybe you'd be interested : ) also i have animal crossing styled icons commissions and pencil like half-body sketches... Here are some examples and my gallery geeswest You can DM me on FA or through discord Алинка-калинка(Alina)#9187 if you'd...
  7. geeswest

    Hiring: ($50+) LF Artist to draw Trumbeak

    Hey! What a cute character >< I sadly don't have pokemon examples of work, but maybe you will like something from these styles : ) Here is myy FA with more works: geeswest You can note me on FA if interested. Or here is my discord: Алинка-калинка(Alina)#9187 thank you : )