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    ♥ [open] Drawing free semi realistic and cartoon art. ♥

    (Dawnedge you can still register) New Requests are closed for now. Stay tuned for more freebie threads or subscribe to me. I do freebies periodically in my journal. A mega raffle where you can win a bunch of art from a ton of artists can be found by clicking this. I am one of the artists. Be...
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    YCH (open)- any species $15/$20 semi realistic style

    Clean new lines and digitally painting. Females, shemales, or feminine characters only. Any species. Other work done as examples:
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    Error Message: Having a problem with the FORUMS

    I wanted to advertize my YCH in the black market, but it won't let me upload the pics. I've tried on both chrome and mozilla. It says invalid file error, whether I use a url or I upload it.
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    Experiment: $10 Christmas grab bag commissions

    My Gallery contains NSFW images: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/bluetaffy/ New (temporary?) Christmas Grab Bags- You pm me a character you want, and pay me a flat rate of $10. I then draw your character for you in either one of my existing styles or in one I made up just for your character...
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    Anyone know MLP anatomy

    I still haven't gotten pony anatomy down, I'm still new to it. I've only ever drawn like 4 pony's -sweatdrop- and I haven't been practicing like I should. Life and all that. But mostly procrastination. (Nonetheless, they are cute, no?) Crits please. For this piece I found a reference of a...
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    How to not be annoying while advertizing?

    I'm trying to advertize my free contest, but I just feel like I'd be a complete tool if I just rent around and randomly posted the link to it with "free art" on people's profiles. It's in my journal. On DA I tell people who fave me about it- I'm going to start doing that on FA. I asked my bf...
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    How do I add a display pic to my forum username?

    Eh these forums are so confusing x-x no stickies for each subforum's specific rules. No easy way to find the display pic. Or maybe it just seems harder because I am jacked up on cold medicine *sniffle*. No not literally.
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    Erm. Can we advertize contests here?

    I'm assuming since it says this is the squackbox and in the rules it says the art subs were an exception to the no advertizing bit that I can post this here... Why doesn't this place have sticky rules for each subforum? D : I just wanted to let people know I'm doing one of those free art...