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  1. Tetrachroma

    Any other furries have a fascination with oldschool furry media?

    One of my favorite fandom-related hobbies is scouring the web for old archives of furry content from 1990-ish to around 2010. I've only been in the fandom since 2016, but I'm so enthralled by this stuff - it's fascinating to peer into the world of furry when it was still in its early years. I've...
  2. Tetrachroma

    What are your guys' thoughts on fursuits with (minor) breast padding?

    I know this tends to be a very divisive topic, so I wanted to gauge your guys' opinions on this.
  3. Tetrachroma

    Looking to commission an artist for an album cover

    I'm in the process of making an ambient album called Discovering Citrus Hill, and I'd like to commission someone to do the album cover. The idea I had in mind is a painterly image of an anthro chital deer walking up a hill with the sunrise in view (I'll provide more info if that's too vague)...
  4. Tetrachroma

    Undertale-inspired song I made a couple days ago

    (In retrospect, this could also work for Deus Ex)
  5. Tetrachroma

    Anyone know where I can find 2 Gryphon's full Anthrocon performances?

    I know, I know. 2 Gryphon is indeed a terrible, disgusting person and I think Anthrocon was right to boot him from the stage, but I watched 2 Gryph's stand-up when I first joined the fandom (before I knew what kind of person he really is), so there's a great deal of nostalgia there for me. I was...
  6. Tetrachroma

    Need some brutally honest critiques on my model

    I've been working on a 3D model of my secondary 'sona Bandela off and on for quite a while, but I just feel like I haven't quite gotten the model to look good yet and I'm not sure why. I thought the Blender subreddit would be a good place to get some critiques, but most of them just commented on...
  7. Tetrachroma

    Officially Resigning

    Hey guys, Tetra here. I've been inactive for quite some time, haven't I? Two months as of yesterday in fact. "What on Earth have you been up to all this time?" I'm sure you aren't asking. Well in the time of my absence, I've fleshed out my whole 'sona deal. I now have three of them; Axis...
  8. Tetrachroma

    What's Your Personality Type?

    You can take the Myers-Briggs personality test here - 16Personalities quiz My personality type is ISFJ-A. Tell me your results! Do you think what you got is accurate to you?
  9. Tetrachroma

    Music Suggestion of the Week

    (Not really "of the week". This is most likely the only time I'll ever do this) Incubus - S.C.I.E.N.C.E. The sound may change drastically across songs, but this album is generally classified as funk metal, and it was my very first taste of such a genre (Actually, my only taste of it)...
  10. Tetrachroma

    I Need Some Anatomy Help (Mainly Legs)

    Hey there! I'm working on a sketch of my 'sona, Axis. It's actually turning out really well, even the hands look alright (Which is incredible since this is like, only the sixth real sketch I've either finished or come close to finishing in my life). However, I seem to be having a really hard...
  11. Tetrachroma

    Funny Thing That Happened Today

    I just thought I'd share this with you guys. So to get warmed up for future oral presentations in my class, my English teacher did a thing where we all go up to the front podium one-by-one and are given one minute to answer a random question of his. It started off with simple, fun questions...
  12. Tetrachroma

    Critique My New Chiptune Track!

    After a few days' work, I've put together the title track for my second chiptune album; Tetrachromacy! Since I've listened to this song countless times during its development and have gotten used to its sound, it's hard to spot any adjustments I need to make. I'd like to make any necessary...
  13. Tetrachroma

    Anyone Willing to Create a Blank Refsheet?

    Hello! I already have some... decent, I guess you could say... art skills, though I can only do pencil-and-paper sketches. I don't have any digital art tools. If you're willing to do this one thing for free, I'd like to get someone to create only the lineart for a refsheet of my 'sona. Listed...
  14. Tetrachroma

    Anyone Willing to Create a Blank Refsheet?

    NOTE: I have reposted this thread here. If you wish to reply, please go there. Hello! I already have some... decent, I guess you could say... art skills, though I can only do pencil-and-paper sketches. I don't have any digital art tools. If you're willing to do this one thing for free, I'd...
  15. Tetrachroma

    Well, Times Sure Have Changed

    By now, I've been a furry for a bit more than a month. I'm really glad I joined the community when the idea arose, and I have a feeling I'm going to be in for a long time. I'm pretty surprised at how much I've apparently changed in this brief period of time. Let's use my introductory post as an...
  16. Tetrachroma

    How My 'Sona Came to Be

    Howdy, guys! I suddenly felt inclined to explain the reasoning behind choosing a deer as my 'sona. You see, many people would choose a species that they find cool-looking or choose one that has an interesting personality. But like some others, I have a lot of personal experiences behind my...
  17. Tetrachroma

    How do Furry RP's Work?

    I suppose I just lack the sufficient social skills (I'm betting Sergei is going to say something negative in response to that) to understand RPing, but I'm just not getting... well... furry RPing. I don't know how else to describe it other than not getting how it works and what the appeal to it...
  18. Tetrachroma

    Are There Any Well-Known Furries I Should Be Aware Of?

    I feel that since I'm so new to this community, I should get to learn about some of the well-known furries out there, just so I don't have to constantly ask who certain people are that get talked about often. I've heard of some fursuiter named Telephone, but I don't really know anything about...
  19. Tetrachroma

    Newbie Furry Here

    Hey guys! I've only been a furry for about a week (Maybe a bit longer, but my FA account says it's been a week) so there's not a whole lot I know about this community. I'd like to know a little bit about you guys! What's the quality of the furry fandom? How active is it? Anything that comes to...