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  1. Fiesta_Jack

    In need of more options for setting a specific mood.

    I've recently been running a D&D play-by-post adventure, which is a sort of extended RP for those that don't know. I've noticed in my narration I fall back into specific patterns when trying to convey a specific atmosphere. Chiefly, I'm using a formula of "X description, although Y and Z." The...
  2. Fiesta_Jack

    Battlegaming Thread.

    I haven't seen it brought up before, and I'd figure there'd be some crossover interest between the furry fandom and battlegaming. For those that aren't familiar, there are plenty of videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czhzVB5LewA http://www.liveactionbattlegaming.com/what-is-battle-gaming...
  3. Fiesta_Jack

    Lesbian parents seem pretty competent.

    http://front.moveon.org/two-lesbians-raised-a-baby-and-this-is-what-they-got/#.TtcnEUgw6m1.facebook 19 year old raised by lesbian couple. Seems like he turned out much better than most people I know. Begin LGBT circlejerk... Now.
  4. Fiesta_Jack

    Part Suit-Part Roughhousing Gear.

    No, not a fucking murrsuit. I do Belegarth/Dagorhir, which, if you're not familiar, is a pretty physically intense sport. I'm a gnoll, and I'm looking to brainstorm up a relatively convincing mask. It doesn't have to be a standard fursuit head (infact it very likely won't be), and I'm aware...
  5. Fiesta_Jack


    Hey FAF, does anyone here have any advice for someone considering starting/entering a polyamorous relationship? I've heard the basics, like communication being paramount, and things like that, but there isn't much detail on other things. I figure there's plenty of us in the furry community with...
  6. Fiesta_Jack

    Umphrey's McGee

    Has anyone else seen them live? Holy fucking horsetits, they are amazing. I've seen a lot of live shows (somewhere close to a hundred), but they blow the shit out of anything I've ever seen. It's been awhile since I saw them, but I'm probably trying to hit another of their shows when I can...
  7. Fiesta_Jack

    First few scenes of my play.

    * Life in the Business * Just the first few scenes of the play I've been writing. It follows a small local band in San Diego, and expands on the actual events that occurred between it's members. This is not furry writing, but I'd appreciate any critique regardless. * Pretty much PG, no...
  8. Fiesta_Jack

    Good wines.

    So I enjoy a nice glass of Merlot from time to time. On the rare occasion, I have a Cabernet Sauvignon, but it often tastes a bit too dominating to me. I consider myself a casual fan of wine, but I rarely delve much deeper than the few varieties I'm already accustomed to. It's not a massively...
  9. Fiesta_Jack

    Horrific request for Halloween?

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has the time and generosity to do some art of my horror-sona Kweesel. Ref is http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/66931-Horror-Sona I'd majorly appreciate any work done, regardless of skill level or detail. Cheers, and thank you's to any and all artists who...
  10. Fiesta_Jack

    Music for... *Ehem* Setting the "mood".

    So I'm making a CD for setting a... Romantic mood, shall we say? Any song suggestions for it? So far I've only got one song I definitively want on it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34Zf1Q5hW8o The Beatles - She's So Heavy I'm also considering something off of Led Zeppelin II, but I dunno...
  11. Fiesta_Jack

    Dream home...

    If money wasn't an option, say you won the lottery or something, where would you live, and what sorts of crazy features would you have there? I'd like to have my own tower. 16 stories or so. A huuuuuuuge garden/park around it, bottom floor would be a lobby to greet peoples. I'd also have a...
  12. Fiesta_Jack

    Band bios/reviews.

    I've got some spare time, and I'm wondering if anyone would want band/artist reviews or bios done. I'm a writer, and I've got a bit of experience in journalism, so I figure I'd offer it to anyone with a decently organized band or musician. It's great for PR and getting shows, so if you're at...
  13. Fiesta_Jack

    What are y'all cooking today?

    So it's Memorial Day here in the 'States, so what's everyone having? I'm making a vegetarian special for today (my parents are having it with chicken), roasted pineapple and red bell pepper over rice. What's everyone else having? Steak? BBQ? Pasta salads? Or just normal dinner, for those outside...
  14. Fiesta_Jack

    Anyone interested in free words?

    Maybe? I don't know. I'm a fairly prolific writer, but I haven't written much furry fiction, or anything that wasn't purely revolving around my own creations. I will most likely be taking ONE request, maybe another if the first goes well. What I need from you is: 1: Written refs, as well as...
  15. Fiesta_Jack

    Do You Smoke?

    Who smokes? I do, occasionally. Particularly if I'm stressed out. Cigars and cigarillos count too.
  16. Fiesta_Jack

    Complicated headwear

    I'd like to commission an animal pelt style headwear piece. Worn similar to this. I DO NOT want this from actual animal fur or parts. I'd like a synthetic recreation of something like this. If you know anyone that can do these, or you yourself can, please let me know, and hopefully we can...
  17. Fiesta_Jack

    Could I get an avatar please?

    I'd really like to get an avatar of Kweesel, but my art skills are limited to writing and music. Any style is fine, and anything people are willing to do is obviously highly appreciated. I may be willing to do a short story or poor-quality digital picture for you in return (your choice). Cheers!
  18. Fiesta_Jack


    Is there anything intrinsically wrong with using more than one bass in a composed piece? Specifically one lead and one rhythm? I play bass, and I've been considering more and more just recording with myself, just to get my songs written. My prog/psychedelic rock project is on hold right now...
  19. Fiesta_Jack

    The Dream of an Artist: Writing a Novel

    I awoke this morning from a dream that actually had a decent plot (for once). I felt sufficiently inspired that I want to finally attempt the goal of most casual writers: writing a book. I've wanted to for years, but I never felt I had a good enough idea to run with. I believe my dream was...
  20. Fiesta_Jack

    Any gore/horror/gothic writers/artists?

    It's been awhile since I've given my alternate character, Kweesel, some love. I've lately been bogged down with school, and I've been neglecting my writing, so I was wondering if anyone could do something with the character to spark my creativity. A simple drawing or written piece would be...