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  1. FF_CCSa1F

    Furry porn versus drawn bestiality: Where to draw the line

    Disclaimer 1: If you have no interest whatsoever in any and all topics regarding the sexual side of the fandom and wish to distance yourself from people who do, this thread is not aimed toward you. The best course of action if you are one of those people is to look for another thread. If you as...
  2. FF_CCSa1F

    Furry porn and plasma TVs

    Link removed
  3. FF_CCSa1F

    Woot! Over 4GHz :D

    After a long, long time of deportation to low-performance land after my 7900GT and the mobo it was mounted in died a horrible death along with the RAM, I've finally been able to get some clocks again :D I've finally, after over one and a half years been able to afford a new graphics card, RAM...
  4. FF_CCSa1F

    Well, hellow there.

    Just thought I'd register here too, as an addition to FA. Well, I'll try to write a short introduction. Wich I will propably fail at, since I usually write ten times more than I've planned on writing. I'd describe myself as a thinker; I like to just sit around and think about the various...