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  1. GooeyGooball

    Hiring: ($150+) (Closed) Need to finish a dragon that’s been abandoned for a year. SFW/NSFW Refs

    I had a good idea back in late 2019/early 2020 for a dragon character that never was finished due to covid complications making an artist go on indefinite hiatus(I think?). I sent him off to be finished by a good artist friend and he also couldn’t get to him because of health problems, so now...
  2. GooeyGooball

    Hiring: (NSFW) (Temp. Closed) I need an artist that can draw detailed body horror/nightmare fuel! (500 USD)

    Just to get this right first, I’ll be looking for a ref sheet and possibly some posed sketches to showcase my new character. Everything will be colored and shaded. No backgrounds needed, but they would be cool. There will be some design and brainstorming involved! This is furry art! I’ve been...
  3. GooeyGooball

    Hiring: 5 panel NSFW NN November Flat Color Sequence ($150 Negotiable)

    Hello artists! I’m glad you have clicked on this! I am looking to make my poor goodra character suffer through the wonderful November tradition of NN in increments of ten days, November 1st, 10th, 20th, 30th, and December 1st. I’m planning on adding elements of growth/inflation, hyper, so be...
  4. GooeyGooball

    Hiring: Commissioning NSFW 4 character group art. (Closed)

    Hello once again, Art forum. I’m looking for an artist to do a piece for me and a friend. We will be paying for the piece together, and will be creating a group chat on Telegram, or Discord to plan. I plan on inflation being an element, so make sure you’re okay with drawing that before...
  5. GooeyGooball

    Hiring: Looking to Comission SFW/NSFW Art (Closed)

    Hello, Artists! I’m here looking for art of my characters. I’m completely new to buying art since I’ve only commissioned three times, so please be patient with me if we ever get to the dming stage! So for my first character, I have a goodra, named Gooey. They’re easy to draw due to the lack of...