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  1. Atelier

    Open Commissions! $40 - $150

    The semester is drawing to an end, and with it, I open up.....commissions. I have a range of commission types you can order, prices are somewhat negotiable, from 40 to 150 dollars, but remember, I gotta eat too. All examples are done in graphite, but I also work digital, charcoal, and...
  2. Atelier

    Graphite Bust Commissions! (2 slots - $20)

    I am selling bust commissions, black and white traditional! Putting out two slots, twenty dollars each. If you want a hard copy of the original!! You can totally do that; you'll just need to pay for the shipping. Reply or note me if you're interested. If there's enough interest, I'll open some...
  3. Atelier

    I Draw Things With My Hands

    So I'm not like, great at sharing this stuff to some degree; at least not like somewhere where one-on-one communication is more regular. For now I'll just post once in a while. Here is my gallery on FA, for those that are curious about that sort of thing. Userpage of seanhart -- Fur Affinity...
  4. Atelier

    Looking for SFW RP Partners

    Nothing really serious, I just wanna run some character development and interactions with some folks to keep myself from getting stale. I'd prefer people with some experience as I prefer to RP with a more formal style, but honestly I could care less; I'm not fucking Hemingway. Hit me up with a...
  5. Atelier

    It's an Introduction Thread.

    Hello! I am Clay, I'm from the state of Georgia and uh......well, crap. Honestly, I haven't done one of these in ages, and I'm godawful at small talk, but if you wanna chat, feel free to shoot me a message because god knows I love yapping my sad little head off. Talking about games or art is...