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  1. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Random Requests Thread

    Yo, could I get a Birdo wearing a facemask? Something that covers the... nose...mouth... thingy? Jokes and/or creative face mask designs regarding birdo anatomy are welcome. No "masks are for sheep" memes though please.
  2. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Describe your daily routine in 4 words

    Smoke weed, avoid covid.
  3. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Wait... there's trophies now?

    It's furries, there's always drama.
  4. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Wait... there's trophies now?

    Disclaimer: This does not warrant a thread. But I signed in (after years of inactivity), and I had 13 notifications and they were all trophies. Technically this is site discussion. Sooo... this is a thing now? Why is it a thing? How long has it been a thing? EDIT: I hAvE a CrIpPlInG aDdIcTiOn...
  5. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Just curious...

    Birdo's my favorite Pokémon in the SCP Foundation. Gotta secure, contain, and protect 'em all. Do you even watch MTG? I digress... I've ALWAYS wanted to resurrect a zombie thread. It's been a goal of mine since I joined this forum; I don't know why. I think we have a decent sample size now...
  6. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Traumatizing movie scenes you remember from childhood?

    The part in Volcano where the dude melts in lava. Wait, it was in a subway... that's underground... is it technically magma? Any who, I was 6 or seven, and I had many nightmares about volcanoes in the following years.
  7. Bloodshot_Eyes

    What makes you cry?

    The potential for loss of my femininity. Mind and body.
  8. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Where do you imagine your imagination?

    Are you an alien?
  9. Bloodshot_Eyes

    What type of gamer are you?

    Casual as fuck. I mean, I can still play, and well. But I'd rather take my time to level up my irl avatar since I spend the most time inhabiting it.
  10. Bloodshot_Eyes

    What would it be like to live forever?

    Kind of like living except you don't have this seemingly impenetrable wall between lifetimes.
  11. Bloodshot_Eyes

    What was the last album you listened to?

    Jupiter Blessing of the Future Was alright, definitely not Versailles. But still pretty good. I'm sure it'll grow on me if I listen to it more than once.
  12. Bloodshot_Eyes

    How long do you sleep for?

    I sleep at 9:30-11:00pm and wake up around 7:00- 8:30am.
  13. Bloodshot_Eyes

    How do you feel about people hating children?

    I used to hate kids, then I saw they were usually a reflection on how the parent(s) act... so I started hating shitty parenting.
  14. Bloodshot_Eyes

    What album are you looking forward to?

    Four members of Versailles are making a new band... I'm waiting for that album.
  15. Bloodshot_Eyes

    What Are You Listening To?

    I Saw Your Mommy - ST
  16. Bloodshot_Eyes

    What is your Sexual Orientation: The Reckoning

    I'd say 1. Girls aren't really doin' it for me.
  17. Bloodshot_Eyes

    What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)

    Re: What instruments do you play? Guitar (acoustic, I don't own an electric but that doesn't stop me from being metal as fuck :U) Bass (electric) basic piano I stomp and hit things with sticks in rhythm but I don't have any drums... Oh yeah, and I sing.
  18. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Nazi Fursuit at conventions?

    OP, do it. Post pics.
  19. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Your Vocabulary Size

    20,500 Not bad for a dropout. I could've sworn purloin was a Pokemon though.