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  1. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Wait... there's trophies now?

    Disclaimer: This does not warrant a thread. But I signed in (after years of inactivity), and I had 13 notifications and they were all trophies. Technically this is site discussion. Sooo... this is a thing now? Why is it a thing? How long has it been a thing? EDIT: I hAvE a CrIpPlInG aDdIcTiOn...
  2. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Just curious...

    Do you play FPS with an inverted y-axis or the "normal" y-axis controls? I personally play with inversion. inb4 CoD ruined FPS blah blah idc... >_>
  3. Bloodshot_Eyes


  4. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Red or Black?

    I thought I'd make a thread about licorice ropes. So which ones do you like better? red or black? :3 Poll soon. :3
  5. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Oh God WHY!?

    THE GAME You just lost it...
  6. Bloodshot_Eyes

    What's your shoe size?

    Awww, someone changed the title. :< What's your shoe size? Mine are 9 I think (US of course) I don't fuckin' know... >_>
  7. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Ask a blood shooting lizard...

  8. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Something interesting...

    I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves and this is how it goes. I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves...
  9. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Red line please?

    I'm drawing this picture on MSPaint, and I was wondering if anyone wants to redline a pose for me... I'd do it myself, but I'm using a mouse and the head by itself took a painstakingly long time... >.> Any critique would be cool too...
  10. Bloodshot_Eyes

    OH SHI-

    I... have a plan... to have the most horrific nightmare possible. I looked up what causes nightmares... I stayed up all night last night (explaining why it's difficult to concentrate on typing... or forming a post that doesn't look like the product of an aspie, down-syndrome monkey). Today...
  11. Bloodshot_Eyes


    Name: Cody Age: 18 Sex: Male Species: Horned Lizard Height: 5'8" (not counting spikes) Weight: 154lbs (I'm not calculating the weight of the tail or scales...) Appearance: - Hair and fur: N/A - Markings: Like this... - Eye color: Brown - Other features: Nothin' too spectacular... Behavior and...
  12. Bloodshot_Eyes

    MP3 Help

    I just got a new MP3 player today (last one was stolen by my dip-shit, stoner brother and sold for pot) and I'm putting my music back on it and when I put on certain bands it will say something like this 3 Inches of BloAdv ...And Justice 3 Inches of Bl Advance and Va Basically it's missing...
  13. Bloodshot_Eyes

    Hey FAF!

    If I, like, killed a whole bunch of people at once, would I get some sort of bulk discount off my jail time? Just curious... OBVIOUS SHITPOST IS OBVIOUS
  14. Bloodshot_Eyes

    MP3 cd's

    I just got a new cd player that says it can play mp3 cds. So I after figuring out what the hell that meant I made a cd with all 5 SoaD albums on it and the damn thing won't play... any ideas?
  15. Bloodshot_Eyes

    'Sup! X3

    Hey! Whazzap! I'm new here and such... Not much to say... Ermm... I'm an arctic wolf, and metal is badass \m/ =^.^= \m/ Hmmm... Hi? *wags tail*