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  1. miss_samychan

    Request: birthday art

    Hey there! My birthday's in a few days and I just want to give myself a little surprise. So, I'm asking for art of my characters.<br> Anyone in my pals folder is really appreciated! The profile should tell you what is appreciated for the character. For some cute stuff is nice, others fit more...
  2. miss_samychan

    Free Art: free feral sketches to improve myself

    hey there! I do have currently an art shop open and I want to improve myself, so I thought I'll offer some free art. I'm just asking for a little time and an honest feedback in return. It would really help! I currently can only do feral/ animals and my first step would be to improve myself...
  3. miss_samychan

    (Commission) Selling: Feral sketch commissions

    Hey there! I'm just about to start with commissions, I hope I'm doing this in the correct way. Just tell me, if there's anything needed to be changed! (It was a PWYW but I now go with a fixed price) So, first of all I'm looking for some simple designed characters and it's about to get into...
  4. miss_samychan

    Is there a chance to get an user "banned" from my profile?

    Heya! Just wanted quickly ask, if there's a chance to get an user "banned" from my profile? They're currently following me too. I don't want that, can I do sth against that? And - I haven't tried it yet, but - I think the ignore function would allow that I won't see any posts of them anymore...
  5. miss_samychan


    Hey guys! I decided to make an account for furaffinity. Don't know what I should talk about exactly. I'm mostly active on toyhouse and discord. And since last year I'm back and into drawing again. Atm I'm also looking for an art buddie to have someone to talk about everything with art and...
  6. miss_samychan

    Lf: Art buddies

    I hope I'm in the right thread for this! ----------- Hey! I'm looking for a drawing buddie. I had that for a long time with a friend and through it we both kept us motivated and stuff. And I think I really need someone talking to mostly art related stuff. Of course we can also talk about...