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  1. Cres Moon

    Sci Fi Fantasy

    Space, the most dangerous frontier ever crossed, the slightest miscalculation in travel could lead to disaster. Pirates, aliens, the mystical forces beyond science all unpredictable in their own right. The year is 3457 four years after the war between the empire and the republic. The galaxy is...
  2. Cres Moon

    Vera's Manor

    Hey there, are you an aeromorph, or a furry, or maybe you're just looking for a group of people to play Halo custom games with. At Vera's Manor you can find all of the above. Aside from rps and art sharing, we also will be holding weekly Halo MCC custom games that anyone can join...
  3. Cres Moon

    Halo MCC

  4. Cres Moon

    Halo MCC

    Awesome, I've set up a discord server for those interested so I can announce the schedule and stuff
  5. Cres Moon

    Halo MCC

    Hey I'm going to start hosting custom Halo games and am looking people to join me, anyone and everyone is welcome
  6. Cres Moon

    Looking for some people to play with

    I play on xbox one and only have two friends who actively get on but they only want to play Apex Legends. So I'm looking for some people who might want to play Squadrons, Pay Day 2, CoD MW, Killing Floor 2, Halo MCC, or War thunder My xbox gamer tag is Cres Moon
  7. Cres Moon

    Looking for one on one Discord Rp Partners

    I have a couple newer characters, and older characters that have been used as side characters in my rps. I'd like to have them as mains and flush them out a bit more
  8. Cres Moon

    Looking for one on one Discord Rp Partners

    Hey, I've been looking for some people to do some roleplays with over discord. I'm wanting to use some female characters that either need to be flushed out more, or haven't been used in a while. Please message me if interested :)
  9. Cres Moon

    Space hotel mafia rp

    we currently have 7 members looking for more
  10. Cres Moon

    Space hotel mafia rp

    here's my discord just easier this way so no random minors join in Cres#5422
  11. Cres Moon

    Space hotel mafia rp

    We’re at four other people right now, possibly more
  12. Cres Moon

    Space hotel mafia rp

    This will be a group for people over the age of 18 age verification required, it'll be hosted on discord. The station was peaceful and quiet for the most part, only the occasional brawl would break out in the bar. The Ubasa family made sure of that. the hotel was a hot bed for criminal meet...
  13. Cres Moon

    What video game are you playing...

    I just got it too, though having trouble finding a decent server
  14. Cres Moon

    Dead trends

    Kids next door, camp lazlo, Foster's home for imaginary friends, Courage the cowardly dog, ed edd and eddy, the last of the good cartoon shows. Nostalgia is what I'm basing this off of.
  15. Cres Moon

    just message me than

    just message me than
  16. Cres Moon

    I only do rp on discord

    I only do rp on discord