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  1. xaliceonfire

    Looking to up my Portfolio [CLOSED]

    Hey guys. I'm looking to do some free artwork to get more experience under my belt and add to my portfolio. I am specifically looking to work on digital artwork. Normal art and NSFW is welcome. I will open four slots at a time, and I can't promise an exact time frame on each piece because of...
  2. xaliceonfire

    Does anyone still play Furcadia?

    Just curious. I read about it in a Kotaku article and checked it out. It seems like there is a decent amount of players still on there. I used to hang out on The Palace a decade ago, and it seems pretty similar. I'm assuming it's like a social MMO kind of game.
  3. xaliceonfire

    Tattoo lovers?

    I'm a big tattoo enthusiast and I love to see work that others have had done. What are your favorites that you've had done? Are any of them meaningful? Including a couple- my ship isn't finished yet (have at least two more sessions) but it's one of my favorites.
  4. xaliceonfire

    Art Critique (One is a Possible NSFW)

    Here are a couple of my newer sketches/art. *Original Concept By Toby Fox* I have to work on shading, I know. But anywho, that's all.
  5. xaliceonfire

    Customized Hand Engraved Glassware

    Hello there! I run a small glass engraving business, and I figured I would extend it to you guys! I am able to do most anything, including wine glasses, pints, etc... I also do customized framework. I am able to do any customized pictures as long as they are NOT copyrighted, and are okay with...
  6. xaliceonfire

    Looking for Possibly Two Fursuits

    I'm looking for someone to build two suits for my husband and I. I'm unsure if I want a partial or full, so I'm up for suggestions and advice. I will get into the full details if someone can work with me on price ranges and other things. Looking for a fox, possibly hybrid, build. Most likely a...
  7. xaliceonfire

    Con Attire?

    Question about convention wear! What do you normally wear when going? This is my first fur con, for the record. Thanks!
  8. xaliceonfire

    A Few Questions...

    Hello there, I'm new to this forum and had a few questions if someone minded answering them. I've been into this fandom for a long time now, but due to unaccepting people in my life, I haven't really been able to own and explore it. Recently, I've made the decision to basically say 'screw it'...