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  1. sodasprouts

    (Base/YCH) Selling: $25 Halloween YCH!

    Hi! Trying YCHs for the first time with a Halloween-themed YCH! Comes with shading; you can ask for add-ons or changes (ex. hat customizations) as you want to. View some more of my art here: https://sodasprouts.com/#gallery If you're interested, shoot me a message here or preferably on...
  2. sodasprouts

    Suit makers who have done primates?

    Hello! Been thinking about getting a partial sometime this year and my fursona is a monkey/chimpanzee. Primate characters are pretty tricky so I'm having a difficult time finding examples of monkey fursuits beyond the same like two or three top Google image search results. Do you guys have...
  3. sodasprouts

    (Commission) Selling: FLASH SALE: 25% off all orders! ($8-150+)

    Howdy doo folks I've decided to do a quick sale on my commissions! I can do furries, people, Sonic OCs, robots, light NSFW, ref sheets, asset art, animations, you name it! The prices you see below are 25% off my normal prices! ✦SKETCH✦ HEADSHOT 8 HALF 11 FULL 15 ✦FLATS✦ HEADSHOT 11 HALF 20...
  4. sodasprouts

    (Commission) Selling: Reference sheet sale (~$80+)

    Heyo! I need more examples of ref sheets so I'm being flexible on price for the time being to make up for it. The one below would be around the 200 range but if you have specific requests for parts of the sheet I'm more than happy to produce a quote! My website is here for more art examples...
  5. sodasprouts

    (Commission) Selling: MonsterMayo Commissions (5-30+ USD)

    Please don't contact me here as I don't check my inbox very frequently! Please DM me @Monster_Mayo on Twitter or MonsterMayo#0718 on Discord! Hello! I've updated my commission sheet and my website. Here's my website link for my full portfolio! monstermayo.carrd.co: MonsterMayo Commissions
  6. sodasprouts

    Hiring: Custom beanbag chair cover ($5-400+)

    Hi! I'm having trouble finding a good plush maker so I thought maybe I'd have some success here considering there are a lot of really talented plush makers in the furry community. If you or someone you know is up for the job please comment here or DM me on Discord at MonsterMayo#0718! I'm...
  7. sodasprouts

    Custom plush/beanbag chair?

    Sorry if this is the wrong category! This is weirdly specific but I figured if anyone would know about it it might be you guys. I’ve been looking for a bean bag for a while and would love to get one of Appa from ATLA. Anyone know of someone who takes commissions for these and could provide a...
  8. sodasprouts

    (Commission) Selling: MonsterMayo's Commissions! (5-30+ USD)

    Hello! I've updated my website so I'm reposting w/ my new gallery! monstermayo.carrd.co: MonsterMayo Commissions Any species in a variety of styles! TOS is located on my website! -no NSFW -no otherwise obscene content Examples below!
  9. sodasprouts

    (Commission) Selling: LIGHTNING SALE- two view ref sheets for $28!

    I need to expand my portfolio to include ref sheets but I haven’t done any in years, so I’m doing some super cheap ones! -Front and back view as well as a color swatch square and nice-looking background -Add mouth and eyes view for +2 -NO NSFW VIEWS Portfolio and examples below...
  10. sodasprouts

    Letter by letter

    The user above you posts the name of an animal and you have to list another animal starting with the last letter of the previous one! Example: User 1: Bear User 2: Raccoon I’ll start off with: Dog
  11. sodasprouts

    What are some uncommon species you want to see more?

    I would love to see more cervine/bovine characters! + I haven’t seen a whole lot of monkey fursonas out there- here’s mine!
  12. sodasprouts

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Smug dance: cheap(ish) animated YCH auction! ($85sb, $190ab)

    Website with gallery and TOS- monstermayo.carrd.co: MonsterMayo Commissions To be lined and flat colored!! I made this a few months ago to auction off but it never sold, SO just for the lovely furry community I'm knocking it down a little- starting bid is 85 USD and autobuy is 190 USD (min bid-...
  13. sodasprouts


    Hi! I'm not new- I had an account here WAAAAAY back when I was like... 15? I doubt it still exists but now that I'm relying on art commissions as a source of income I'm back to say hello to the furry community! :^D My avi is of my character Pyroline though my fursona is a monkey in DESPERATE...