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  1. BlackCatMug

    Freebie Chibi's

    I could use some chibi art for my page: I am also currently streaming! if you wanna join! Userpage of BlackCatMug -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'm gonna have 5 slots open for this. Some might be colored, others may not. It depends on the complexity of the character. 1:Julievee 2: 3: 4: 5: Thank...
  2. BlackCatMug

    Free Art: A Cup Of Freebies

    Hey guys! I'm very new the community and I really honestly need some practice with different characters... So I decided that it might be fun/a good idea to make a small freebie thread to get some practice in with other people's darlings. Here is my gallery. Artwork Gallery for BlackCatMug --...
  3. BlackCatMug

    ☕ BlackCatMug's Shop! {$10-60+}& YCH☕

    Hello everyone! My name is Oath and I'm fairly new to the community! But, I've been drawing my whole life. A friend of mine directed me to this forum so I thought it would be fun and I would give it a shot and make a shop. I'm not the greatest at formatting, or really knowledgeable about forums...