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  1. SamiPiplup

    (RP) Raising Fur (Open) (SFW Raising a Baby Fur to Adulthood RP)

    The year is 2020. The first animal human hybrids to survive to birth were created a year ago. Just this year, volunteer parents to be have been chosen to care for the first generation of these 'furries'. Rules- Mentions of breastfeeding are allowed. You may not mention anything obviously...
  2. SamiPiplup

    IDK lol

    IDK lol
  3. SamiPiplup

    Can I see your fursona?

    This is a crappy drawing of Nari. She's a jackal.
  4. SamiPiplup


  5. SamiPiplup

    What are you going as for Halloween?

    It's a day where ALMOST EVERYONE COSPLAYS. Crazy, right? Also it has candy! If you want to get fancy, according to google, "Halloween, or Hallowe'en (a contraction of All Hallows' Evening), also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve, or All Saints' Eve, is a celebration observed in a...
  6. SamiPiplup


    It's not a furry con, but Hutchinson, you know, the Smallville Town? It has it's own comic con. It's called the Smallville comic con. It's not strictly a superhero convention! It allows all sorts of things! Like Pokemon, cosplay, anime, and more! It's sure to allow furries!
  7. SamiPiplup

    New oc, new questions

    I say poofy lil tail :P
  8. SamiPiplup

    Members by Species

    SamiPiplup Asian Golden Jackal Jackal
  9. SamiPiplup

    hi, im new!!

    I'm new too! I hope that things go well for you!
  10. SamiPiplup

    What Species Should My Fursona Be? Decided!

    I finished her design! I used natural colors, but a mix of natural and unrealistic patterns. Her name is Nari. Nari Now I just have to get my family to let me make at least a fursuit head...
  11. SamiPiplup

    What Species Should My Fursona Be? Decided!

    Yeah, I agree. The point of a fursona isn't "be the most original". It's not a competition!
  12. SamiPiplup

    What Species Should My Fursona Be? Decided!

    Well, the point of a fursona is for you to feel comfortable essentially being them, especially if you do fursuits, which I want to do. I would feel most comfortable being a jackal. Besides, they aren't as bad as foxes and wolves when it comes to that!
  13. SamiPiplup

    What Species Should My Fursona Be? Decided!

    I think i'll do a jackal. They're canines that are not foxes or wolves! I wanted to do a canine that isn't overdone.
  14. SamiPiplup

    share your cat-sonas!

    Does a bunny cat cross count? I don't have a pic, because I recently redesigned her and haven't drawn her anthro form redesigned yet, but her name is Limes. She is a cat with bunny ears. She has purple eyes and lime green fur, with black band markings on her ears, and a lemon/lime shaped...
  15. SamiPiplup

    What Species Should My Fursona Be? Decided!

    I have a cat fursona that I don't really use as much anymore, and when I get into fursuits, I don't really want her to be my first suit. So, I am trying to decide on a species for my main fursona. I am thinking of a fox, wolf, or jackal.