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  1. z0roero

    my new webcomic!! (lana meets a dead her)

    please read my most recent comic at here or at https://zoroero.wordpress.com/lanacomicz pls check it out it means so much (general warning tho regarding suicide and self harm)
  2. z0roero

    open to art trades ! (i posted this on the main site but i think it has a better chance here)

    guys? guys! I'm opening trades. In all honesty, I'm just trying to meet to ppl (cuz i'm generally quiet even online). Basically I'm not gonna draw anything weird or hateful. Plzzz plzzz, i'm begging of you, i want to draw for someone else plzz :3 if you wanna see some art examples my furaffinity...
  3. z0roero

    Wombat Wednesday!

    Happy wombat Wednesday! Every Wednesday I'll be posting wombat photo(s) (feel free to join in if you want :3). Anyway, happy wombat Wednesday :b yes I'm aware it's not Wednesday yet (for me at least), but it's Wednesday somewhere and I can't wait until 12am
  4. z0roero

    introduction <33

    Hi, i'm zoroero (actual name: sara, age:16, pronouns:she/her). I'm very new to the furry community, so i only have one fursona. My fursona's name is zoroero (it's kinda based off a childhood nickname, but changed a bit). Zoroero is a sheep (chose that cuz of my afro-fluffy hair), and the drawing...