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  1. RCFC_slim

    Newbie :)

    Haha thank you everyone, a very welcoming sign of things to come on the forum.
  2. RCFC_slim

    Scaly 'Fur'suiting Advice?

    LOL waddling egg. That imagery just made my day.
  3. RCFC_slim

    Scaly 'Fur'suiting Advice?

    Maybe you can beef up the suit internally with a pvc lattice-type structure?
  4. RCFC_slim

    Newbie :)

    Heyyy awesome, good luck on your book. Do you have a title for it yet (or is it secret)? Awesome I'll look your username up.
  5. RCFC_slim

    Newbie :)

    Thank you Zezel!! :) I see you're a fellow writer, do you have any work I can read? I haven't seen much furry art besides the visual kind.
  6. RCFC_slim

    How old is the computer you are using?

    I don't believe in Thesaus' ship so in reality my computer is actually really really old!! Lol
  7. RCFC_slim

    Newbie :)

    Been a passive observer of the community (not this forum specifically but in general) for over a decade now. And finally getting deeper and more personal into this very interesting subculture! Hope I can give back to one of the most welcoming communities on the internet with my writing and art...
  8. RCFC_slim

    What are your personality flaws?

    ): you can message me if you want to talk about it, no one deserves to cry every day.
  9. RCFC_slim

    Weird Proposal

    Honestly there's always a market, and nostalgia sells well...so, who knows!
  10. RCFC_slim

    Partial Suit Wings questions

    Holy wow, those wings are insane...how much in materials does it usually cost all together (for just the wings)?
  11. RCFC_slim

    How did you name your sona?

    Ahhh I see, my friend would go around giving curse words in Greek as names to his friends. Your friends sound much nicer haha.
  12. RCFC_slim

    How did you name your sona?

    Very good idea. Random name sites can produce some crazy good names.
  13. RCFC_slim

    PSA: About "coming out" as a furry

    D: omg, you okay friend?
  14. RCFC_slim

    New to the fandom help!

    Let loose and have fun, don't be mean, bam boom you got the rules down.
  15. RCFC_slim

    Paving the way to personal and fast furry fanfics. :)

    Paving the way to personal and fast furry fanfics. :)