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  1. Art Vulpine

    How often you read furry fiction?

    Just a simple poll that I'm interested in knowing for upcoming projects. How often do you read furry fiction? One per day? Maybe a few just a month? Never? Please post in the poll and even give your reason why. Thanks! ~Art Vulpine
  2. Art Vulpine

    You Tube video help

    Hello all, Art Vulpine here! I'm planning on starting a podcast on You Tube consisting of thoughts on books I've read, movies I've seen, etc. Now I have Audacity for the audio which I'm doing some recording tests, but my question is about the visual aspect. Can an image be uploaded straight to...
  3. Art Vulpine

    Does Anyone Do This?

    Hello all. Let me give you a basic rundown of my early steps of drawing. I first hand draw a sketch on a piece of paper then scan it into the computer. I then bring up my art program and create a layer above the sketch layer and trace over each line. Once this is done I delete the sketch layer...
  4. Art Vulpine

    Realistic Colors or Toon Colors of Furries?

    Something I've been thinking about while I was searching on FA. Do you prefer seeing more realistic colors on furries, or do you like more of a toon coloring (blue, pink, orange, etc.)?
  5. Art Vulpine

    Other art sites/ forums

    Just want to start this off by saying that this is not a thread for me to leave here and go to some other site, as I'm not part of the whole drama mass exodus thing. Really I'm looking for another site to spread to beyond just here and my DeviantArt account. I've heard about Ink Bunny, So...
  6. Art Vulpine

    Blending Help

    Ok all. I need help with an aspect of drawing: blending. Let me try to explain. So when I'm at a color phase, I typically make three shades of a color type: a base color, one for light, and one for shadow. These are all on one Layer. The problem is the following. Say I put down each layer...
  7. Art Vulpine

    What cartoon series would you want to return?

    We all have seen cartoons that we loved and were sad to see either end or were cancelled. I bet there are some we want to see return as perhaps an updated version or a continuation. So what are the cartoon series that you want to see return? Mine are to name a few: Dexter's Laboratory...
  8. Art Vulpine

    Coloring Tools

    Hello all. At a recent convention I saw artists use certain types of pens used to color for commissions and prints (although for the life of me I can't remember what they were.) So what do you use when drawing traditional art to color your furries?
  9. Art Vulpine

    A Shift in Fursuiting?

    Hello all. This was something brought up at a con about a shift in fursuiting etiquette. The person bringing up this said that two years ago fursuiters barely spoke while in character and never took off their heads in a public space, resolving to remove their entire suit in a Headless Lounge...
  10. Art Vulpine

    Art's Art

    Hello all. I've been an artist since early 2012, drawing mainly a group of fox and equine characters. So due to some lackluster Watching and Favoriting of my art it's clear that I need some help. So, this thread is going to include some of my recent furry art. For more examples of my art...
  11. Art Vulpine

    General Critique of my art.

    Hello, Art Vulpine here! I've been drawing for over a year now. My training has really been a smattering of reading some drawing books for furries, seeing how others draw their art, trial and error, and good old practicing. Now I draw for fun and not considering to make this a business of...
  12. Art Vulpine

    GIMP Question

    Hello all who use GIMP for their art platform. I need your answer to a question. I've been working on how to use layers lately to better my drawing ability. My question is how do I use more than two layers without haveing things bleed through? Let me explain my process: 1) Scan and upload...
  13. Art Vulpine

    Submission Problem: Can't submit art

    Hello. I was trying to sumit an art piece. When I upload the file and select Continue, it takes me to a 505 error screen. I this a common happening, or just my system? If it's just my system, let me know of things I can check.
  14. Art Vulpine

    GIMP problem

    Recently I downloaded GIMP. I drew a sketch by hand (good old mechanical pencil), scanned it, and loaded it to GIMP. I created a second layer where I could do lineart to create a cleaner art. Here's where the problem lies. I saved my art as a jpeg and later tried opening it up again to work...
  15. Art Vulpine

    Looking for a finishing tool

    I have decided to actually draw stuff (gasp!) I'm looking for a program to clean up my art when I scan it as well as color it. I'm not looking for anything super professional as I'm just starting out. Most importantly, the program has to be easy to use for someone like me who hasn't had much...
  16. Art Vulpine

    Laptop Recommendations?

    My desktop is basically going the way of the dinosaur, which means that I'll be looking for something new soon. I've decided to look for a laptop and a docking station so I can plug in my nice monitor and speakers. Do you have any recommendations of a certain brand/ model to buy? Spesifics...
  17. Art Vulpine


    Hello furries! It's been a while since I showed up here. My fursona is Art Vulpine, the fun loving purple fox, but for the sake of trying to remember too many names, going by my username Inari85 is fine. I've been a furry since 2001 and became active in actually posting material in about...
  18. Art Vulpine

    Realistic or cartoony furries

    Do you like furries drawn more realistically or more cartoony?
  19. Art Vulpine

    Guys fursuiting as girl furries

    So I was think about this hypothetical situation. You are at a con. You are male and straight. You see an attractive looking fox woman. You greet her and start dancing at the rave. Later on you learn that the person under the suit is really a he. This situation then sparked this post...
  20. Art Vulpine

    Need to fix the memory function of browsing/searching.

    On other art sites when a person clicks on a thumbnail and then chooses to go back to the results list of their search, the system "remembers" what search has been requested instantly and takes you back to the list. When going on to Fur Affinity, I click on an art thumbnail, but when selecting...