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  1. MysticalSkittle

    Hiring: ($100+) Looking for an artist to help with character design (closed)

    Hello! I'm looking for an artist that can help design and draw an oc I've thought up. Preferably NSFW friendly but I'm fine if not. Basic character theme is a robotic bee with goo/slime elements, so naturally you'd have to be good at drawing mechanical bodies as well as fluids. Pretty flexible...
  2. MysticalSkittle

    Hiring: Looking for a ref sheet and a /slight/ character change ~$100+

    The gist of what I'm looking for: Two fullbody views with some alts. Around five? (depending on price ofc) A clothing alt and then very minor nsfw changes NSFW needed as well as someone who is comfortable/good at drawing and/or designing clothing. The character in question: art credit...
  3. MysticalSkittle

    Hiring: Hiring outfit commission | Maybe $30ish? -closed-

    Looking for someone to do a quick commission for me in the style of 'Ultimate Mating League' fun little concept created by Professor E-Girl (@the_dogsmith) on Twitter Needing someone who is good/comfortable at drawing and designing clothing. price is negotiable of course.
  4. MysticalSkittle

    Hiring: Character Design $5-300 Maybe more with complexity closed

    Looking for an artist to work with while I try and develop a new character. Must be comfortable with drawing feral bodies, different/weird anatomy, and possibly oviposition content Working on an alien species from scratch, likely to go through a few sketches just to get the main body shape...