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    New Commodore computers (includes Amiga)

    Yes, this is true! Just announced via http://www.pcmag.com... All it took to release a new PC was 25 years of nothingness... Definitely going to pick one up, I'm hoping that the Amiga model will have backwards compatibility for current and past amiga OS's edit... It's Commodore, I know...
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    Implicit Association Quiz

    Take this test to see what things you associate, it's interesting and you will learn something about yourself while you're at it: LINK HERE "Our immediate (and often sub-conscious) reactions to people of different races, gender, sexual orientation,political leanings can affect how we...
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    Erased memory conundrum

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    Oral Fixation?

    Nail biting, lip biting, cheek biting, finger biting.... ... its been 10 years and this furry still retains the nervous habit in full force. Any others out there who managed to stop? Its getting pretty bad for me and I've essentially removed the ends of my nails now.
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    The Regular Show

    Anyone else watching this? Great animation, voice acting and pretty hilarious. It's pretty new, 26 eps scheduled with 2 (not including pilots) released so far. ...and yes, the main characters are actually anthro ;) Ep1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGaTc27RjU0 Ep2...
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    Hey there

    I figured I'd make an account here, though I was on the fence about it for awhile. I have a couple accounts with bits and pieces posted to them, though the most can be found on my deviantart account. Anyhow, greetings from Canada!