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  1. scet

    tips for getting commissions?

    iv been drawing for a long time and i have this kind of style i am proud of and i like to draw mostly slime and goo people but i have never been able to get many clients, is there any one who can help me figure out how to get my name in the ring and how to start working seriously? Userpage of...
  2. scet

    New goo

    hey guys i want to make some new goo characters and i need help with ideas, i need an animal, colors, a plant and maybe some slime properties like thick blobs or drippy puddles ill post my drawing from your ideas
  3. scet

    Furry, Goo, and Dragons in color pencil

    i got some new art supplies and want to draw more with improved skills, i redesigned some characters in colored pencil and want to do more being scans and pictures of traditional art ill charge less, around $10-20 depending on what we agree of in pm. I am ok with sending your the copy in the...
  4. scet

    new medieval nationstate type furry game

    I'm working on a new version of the game of furry nations. would love to see more player come and join in, plenty of space to build your empires. but first come first serve when it come to the super power status furrystate.freeforums.net: Home | Furrystate
  5. scet

    zootopia rp

    eh? eh? eh? :D
  6. scet

    holy moly zootopia

    i just watched it now that its online for free, i have to talk about this with everyone
  7. scet


    I need some one to draw a slime chracter for me as I present for a friend www.furaffinity.net: Sketch by Scet Needs to be colored and slightly transparent, anthro and kinda top heavy muscular, it's a hyena Um ... yeah soooo ...
  8. scet

    can my icon move?

    I have an animated icon on my FA acount and wanted to use it here too, any way I can upload a icon gif in these forums?
  9. scet

    hello im scet

    Iv been of FA for a few years and im hoping to find more friends and active conversations on these forums. this is the first forums type site i have joined but i hope ill get the hang of it fast. iv used a few fursonas but i think im really happy in my current goo and slime sonas. im a red goo...