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  1. Darklunac

    Christmas YCH 20$ waist up!

    I have this cute and funny christmas YCH for you :3 I Still have 2 or 3 spots left for grab! I won't take more since I want them done by Christmas! You can but your spot here by choosing the ''christmas YCH'' option of course! ;3 www.etsy.com: Dessin personnalisé commission Examples of finished...
  2. Darklunac

    Lunatic's commissions 5$ to 100$ CA$ (ref, icons, ych)

    I have new price lists! Even big commissions rarely take more than a week to be compleated. I send wips for the sketch with 36hr unless I'm extreamly busy Also, I'm starting to do fursuit parts! Badges are printed, laminated and shipped to you with a badge clip. an extra 3$ fee applies if...
  3. Darklunac

    Commissions open - badges/references/regular - Feral / anthro - sfw/nsfw

    Commissions are currently open Furaffinity Deviantart Prices: (Examples below) Shaded - flat color - lines - sketch full body: 30$ 22$ 15$ 10$ Waist up: 20$ 15$ 12$...
  4. Darklunac

    Furry and feral commissions, badges and reference sheets!

    Regular commission Additional character are ½ of the base commission price (rounded up) If you need a background contact me for a price. Fullbody Waist up Bust Badges Reference sheets They start at 40$CAD for 2 fullbody views! Prices are in CAD Tip jar —– All commissions will be...
  5. Darklunac

    Valentine's day YCH -- SFW and NSFW

    I decided to make 2 YCH for Valentine's day! One is nsfw and one is sfw. This is the link to the nsfw one: www.furaffinity.net: NSFW valentine YCH by Darklunac And this is the sfw one: The final result will be shaded in this fashion: Slot status: NSFW--- Red: Open Green: Open SFW---...
  6. Darklunac

    YCH -adopts - 5$ iron artist - commission

    Hey everyone! I have a couple of things for sell right now! Lets start with my YCHs! I have a pokemon go themed one and an autumn themed one: They will be made in theis style: I also have 2 colorful griffin adopts right here looking for a family: Alongside my regular commissions...
  7. Darklunac

    Pokemon go ych

    This could be any species, human or anthro, any gender and the pokemon can be any pokemon that would fit in your arms! The final result will look something like that: www.furaffinity.net: [P] Mid-Air by Darklunac there'll be 2 slots available!
  8. Darklunac

    5$ adoptables and iron artist challenge!!

    I'm going to try the iron artist challenge!! I'll make 100 little marker sketches :3 Get a spot here: https://www.etsy.com/…/petit-dessin-crayon-feutre-personnal… What you need to do: -Send me a ref of your character or animal. (furry of feral only plz) -Tell me what color you'd like around...
  9. Darklunac

    Opening commissions! (animals, furries, pokemons, dragons)

    Officialy opening commissions! I’ll take one or two at a time for now! Lineart: 15$ Colored illustration: 30$ Additions: - 5$ For additional character (Up to 4 by pictures) - 5 à 15$ for a background. Background A 5$ background would be one or two objects like a tree, a chair etc. A 15$...