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  1. MrPhox

    Good YouTube alternative

    I'm looking for a good YouTube alternative, one that might have no upload limits or at lest a big one like 1TB? I have seen a few, but they are so limited to like 40 GB. I grow tired of the supreme ruling on YouTube.
  2. MrPhox

    TV show Reboot

    Who remember the TV show Reboot?
  3. MrPhox


    I think I'm in a depression, but I'm not sure? I feel kinda tired, on the side of a burnout but since I don't go out and there nothing outside to do outside that is free. Beside walking, I think that always bean inside is not helping, but what can I do? Volunteer could be a thing, need to...
  4. MrPhox

    Industry Giant 2

    I'm having problem with the graphic card test and I check the net for a solution, the problem is the patch can't be found since its a old game. SO does anyone have Industry Giant 2 gold working on Windows 7 64Bits? Thanks
  5. MrPhox


    Hello nerds, his this your life? Its fun, that cartoon was made in the 90s, and in 2019 its so accurate! ;)
  6. MrPhox

    CD mix console

    I found a console for mixing cd stuff with the caring case in the garbage. I can turn it on, the cd case open, but that all I can say since I don't know how it work? ^^
  7. MrPhox

    The knights of Emeralds

    Its finally been translated in English and available in digital format. The knights of Emeralds www.anne-robillard.com: The Knights of Emerald - Anne Robillard
  8. MrPhox

    PayPal/Google play store problem

    This morning I have see a confirmation of a payment on PayPal via my email. I was wondering what it was and its from Tunein Radio. I did have that application on my phone, but don't use it, mostly I will not pay 129.99$ can for a premium account. I contact PayPal and told me that the payment...
  9. MrPhox

    Good Omens (2019)

    A 6 episode of a British series about a angel and a demon trying to stop the Biblical Armageddon and the son of Satan. Season 1 have 6 episodes and I don't know if there will be a season 2. But its a great series to watch, even if its just 6 episodes.
  10. MrPhox

    Win 7 installation problem

    I'm trying to install win 7 on a Dell com (desktop) that I found on the garbage a few days ago and the few "problems" was the bios was lock with a password (I manage to fix that) and one ram was defective. The com is like 7 or 8 years old (again another old com) but the 1TB HD is ok. Win 8 was...
  11. MrPhox

    FA Forum problem

    I was trying to log on FA forum but it just wont log in with Firefox. I'm using Chrome now, but its just for now. I don't know if its Firefox or not, but its not the first time it happen.
  12. MrPhox

    Microsoft Word user

    I need someone who is using Microsoft Word, not Open Office or any other word software. I have a file that I put a password on it (I have the password) but I can't remove it with Open Office. I don't want to install Word just so I can remove the password on it, I just need someone who is using...
  13. MrPhox

    DVD ripper

    I'm trying to find a DVD ripper with Torrent but so far I have found none. I have borrowed a old TV series and so far I was able to view only the first episode, so I was trying to find the series on YouTube, but its edited so YouTube will not remove it, but because of that you have the 2/3 of a...
  14. MrPhox

    Old TV series

    I rediscover a old TV series that I like. Eureka. No I don't mean the sci-fi show, I mean a old cartoon that talk, explain physic. I remember watching that on TV, it was a good way to explain basic stuff on physic like inertia, gravity, mass, speed, acceleration and on.
  15. MrPhox


    I was wondering where are the bookmark on win 7? I have access to my "old" hd and I want my bookmark, so where in the windows folder are they hidden? Since its in French, I can't find out what the folders are names. i try to "translate it to English" but its not the same names. So I have no...
  16. MrPhox

    music version

    On this video at 3:48 I'm looking for the version it play. I know its Chris Barber Ice cream, but I'm unable to find the same version on YouTube and I try some public library but can't find that version. I ask on the page but no answer. I just don't know where to ask?
  17. MrPhox

    Primitives humans

    In the old cartoon the secret files of the spy dogs season 1 episode 5 the dog must take care of the nincompoop call "human" www.watchcartoononline.io: The Secret Files of the SpyDogs Season 1 Episode 5 – Twilight / Fetch | Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, English dub anime Its easy...
  18. MrPhox

    Yo-kai watch

    I try to watch this new series Yo-kai watch and I find it so weird. In a way it remind me of Pokemon and Digimon. Its just weird, I can only brows the episode to see what critters they have. So anyone else have seen them or watching them?
  19. MrPhox

    computer configuration

    I got a laptop that is configure to run on 64 bits with 2 gig of ram and I want to switch it to 32 so I can try to run D3 on it. How would I do that? (I run Win 7 on it)
  20. MrPhox


    I have Bluetooth on my laptop and on my phone, I sinc them but can't transfer pictures or music to the phone. I check the user guide for the phone, but there nothing in it. How I'm suppose to do it? I can't open it to use the SD card like I did with the old phone since I don't know how you...