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  1. K

    Site down before the weekend...

    So, what happens when your trying to get things squared away... bid on auctions, etc... before FA goes down and it goes down?
  2. K

    Rainfurrest 2013 - Ask a Staff Member

    Hi, I am the Operations Department Second (advisor) and IT Sensei for RainFurrest 2013, ask me any questions you have about the convention and I will do my best to get them answered. I will be checking back here periodically, so don't expect a response in 10 minutes, but I will get to it at...
  3. K

    Donations page updates...

    Im wondering when this page will get update for the last 6 months: http://donations.furaffinity.net/
  4. K

    But its a simple question, what went wrong (support horrors thread)...

    Context: I support devices known as load balancers or application delivery controllers, these are complicated network devices that roughly distribute load evenly among a large number of web servers. FA uses one made by a competitor to my company to distribute load to the two web servers they...
  5. K

    I am seeking your questions on SSL!

    So, I have been an engineer at a company that makes devices commonly referred to as Load Balancers. One of the things that I have been trying to do is compose some words that describe how certain things work in SSL, like the PKI, x509, RSA, ciphers, etc. In other words, Im a masochist and have...
  6. K

    Why was "The Load Balancer" thread locked?

    Simple question, why was "The Load Balancer" thread locked? EDIT: Apparently I need to link the thread below this one: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/94930