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  1. Thietogreth

    she needs some exposure

    While working on my long list of requests >w> I would apriciate it if some people would take a crack and drawing this gal. Seckie Vilara: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1972357/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1277644/ (NSFW but shows the color scheme better) Both not done by me. If...
  2. Thietogreth

    Insperation needed

    I am in a slump to where Ican't see to get myself to draw. I am going to accept one request at a time but multiple people can submit their ideas. I am trying to find some sort of insperation that will get me to draw. Plus for the lucky one who gets it gets free art :3 so let your...
  3. Thietogreth

    Make your own lyrics :3

    Eh, something I feel like doing to show off the new lyrics I came up with recently :3 ________________________Drink of Weary_____________________________ *I drink by the river side, the river side of Merry. I drink by the river side, I drink till I am weary. And all I see by this river...
  4. Thietogreth

    Have I gots a request fo you(z) :3

    Was wondering if anyone would want to do a sketch, or what ever you would wish, of my insect queen. She has been around for quite some time but I've never really done anything with her. This ref was made by mog_ab: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1272041/ I personaly think he did a...
  5. Thietogreth

    A tribute to a friend

    Persia: Perrrsia isn't sure if this is the right place for this but...Perrrsia wanted to make a tirbute thread for Furry-sensai, or Furryfan. Perrrsia just found out that he has some form of leathal growth on his brain. Perrrsia was also told that he might not make it...past wensday...
  6. Thietogreth

    I have a request for anyone willing

    I require help in drawing a special person that I have an image in my head for but I sadly cannot draw it well enough. I need someone two draw two pictures actualy and I will do a trade and even a commission for them if need be. What I need drawn for the first one is something of a single...
  7. Thietogreth

    You know you have *blank blank* too much when you *blank blank*

    A little thing I thought up just for the heck of it. You know you have played racing games too much when you drive over a part of the road with arrows and think it'll give you a speed boost.
  8. Thietogreth

    Reaching the 1000 mark =3

    I was told that after I reach 1000 PVs I'm supposed to hold some sort of contest or something where someone looks for when I hit the 1000 mark but I'm not sure what comes after that. Anyone care to explain :3
  9. Thietogreth

    I'm not new but she is...

    I just recently thought how Perrrsia is someone who hasn't had a formal intoduction and I believe she diserves one. I will leave it to her then. Perrrsia: HI EVERYONE NYAA =3 I'm Perrrsia And I've greeted alot of you so I think it's time I say hi nyaa =3 Let's see...hmmm...what to say...
  10. Thietogreth

    IT'S OVER 1000!!!!!!!...wait, that's not that bad...

    Woot over 1000 posts =3 Don't know if anyone cares but still that means I talk/listin a lot =3
  11. Thietogreth

    What if we were hunted...

    What if when/if most or some people did transform into furries and guys like those from the movie "Jumper", who were high in number and skill and knew what they were doing and what they were up against, started hunting us? What would you do?
  12. Thietogreth

    Xenomorphs are back in town...*face hugged*

    Just found out that the guys at Gearbox and Sega are coming out with a new Alien game. It goes by the title Aliens: Colonial Marines and by what I've read so far it sounds promising, and I hope the groups working on it keep what they promised. One thing I noticed in the discristion is that the...
  13. Thietogreth

    I've got a request for ya govna

    I need some help with something I'm not used to drawing, if no one would mind. I need this character to be drawn: in a seductive pose (that being what I'm not used to drawing), but not a pose where she would be exposing her self (not that she can with the exoskeleton anyway but still). If...
  14. Thietogreth

    Arf Arf =3

    I was wondering if anyone could draw Liru from Magical Pokaan (I think she is sooooo cute and would like to see a pictures of her here). I don't have a picture on hand but she is a werewolf with blond fur. The fur is only on her ears and tail. She has lines across her face like whiskers, she...
  15. Thietogreth


    HOLY CRAP THEY ARE MAKING A STARGATE GAME!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? It's a cool consept but I dought they will pull it off succesfully. What do you guys think? (of those that have watched the stargate atlantis or stargate SG1 series)
  16. Thietogreth

    Can anyone draw this?

    I was wondering if someone would be able to draw an avatar of my god, thietogreth in chibi form, since I'm not that good with chibis (proportions and all. Black and white or color is ok and you can do him with or without his cape. I was also wondering what of these three ideas should I draw...
  17. Thietogreth

    Greetings from the Heavens says I

    Allow me to introduce my self. My name Is Thietogreth (on site name that is) and I wish the lights of fortune among you all (I like to role play my god, maybe a little too much...but it's still fun to do so =)). I hail from the world of Core, my children’s birth place. I wish to explore...