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  1. Paintedfoxy

    NSFW futuristic romance (MxM)

    Hello! I’m looking to do an start a new long term RP set in a futuristic society. The basic premise is that my character is a freelance pilot for a starship. He had a falling out with his Female commander who he was romantically involved with and is now looking for a new team to fly with...
  2. Paintedfoxy

    The Furhouse small group RP -NSFW

    -NSFW Group RP- Looking to do an RP with a small group of people. This would be a long term group RP with all of us. Details are below. Setting: the Furhouse - 2 story apartment Premise: a new apartment complex has opened up in a very desirable part of town and is using a new app called...
  3. Paintedfoxy

    Hiring: Looking for full body simple background of my bunny (up to $50)

    Thanks for all the posts everyone! I’m looking to lock this down on Friday of this week. I wanted to add some more details as well. The art style I’m looking for is more of a cutesy anime style and would be anthro bunny. Thanks everyone!
  4. Paintedfoxy

    NSFW romance and manipulation/ drama RP

    hello, I’m looking to do a medium to long RP. I am looking for a male dom to play opposite of me. The basic premise is that I have just been dumped by my GF for cheating and my Ex has devised a long con. You would play a person who I will meet for the first time and you will be tasked with...
  5. Paintedfoxy

    Hiring: Looking for full body simple background of my bunny (up to $50)

    Thanks! I will he reviewing everyone’s art. I intend to make a decision in a few days in an attempt to give enough people a chance to offer the position and review everyone’s art work. Please bare with me as I look for the correct fit. Thanks so much!
  6. Paintedfoxy

    Hiring: Looking for full body simple background of my bunny (up to $50)

    hiya! I have a bunny femboy sona that I’ve had for a while. I currently don’t have any SFW art of him and I am looking to change that. Since the photos are NSFW I can send them out to people who are interested. What I am looking for is for a full body piece of my bunny boy in a fun pose with...
  7. Paintedfoxy

    NSFW corporate spy transformation (MxM)

    hiya! I’m looking for someone to to RP a NSFW corporate spy story with me. The basic premise is you would be the boss of some up and coming tech company and I would be a new hire secretary. My goal will be to find dirt to blackmail and burry the company but you described my plot and flip it...
  8. Paintedfoxy

    Spaceship sci-fi NSFW group RP

    hiya! Looking for people to do an RP with. The basic premise is that we will all be abourd this space ship for one reason or another (individuals have influence in how they arrive) and we go on kinky space adventures! I am creating a discord group for this so that we can have channels for Bios...
  9. Paintedfoxy

    ABDL furry space adventure story

    hiya! I’m creating a Furry ABDL story following the space adventures of My bunny Kyro Starwing. If you are looking for a story then head on over! I post new chapters every 2 weeks and will post new photos every month as I hone my art skills. I will be putting up polls for the next story arc and...
  10. Paintedfoxy

    New, unriped RPer looking for some Partner/friends

    No worries! I can send you a message on discord. I’m Kyro#0560
  11. Paintedfoxy

    New, unriped RPer looking for some Partner/friends

    I mainly do nsfw but wouldn’t mind some nsfw. Whichever you prefer
  12. Paintedfoxy

    (Commission) Selling: cute mini chibis!

    Are you still doing chibi Art? I’d love to get one of my bunny
  13. Paintedfoxy

    New, unriped RPer looking for some Partner/friends

    Would love to do some RP with you if you ever want. I’m kyro#0560 on discord :)
  14. Paintedfoxy

    Polar Bear Alpha Looking For Kinky Bottoms

    Would love to participate in some dirty RP. Send a request I’m Kyro#0560
  15. Paintedfoxy

    NSFW MxM romance story with a femboi bunny ageplay

    Hello! I am looking to do a longer term RP involving my bunny kyro who just moved to a new city and is looking to meet someone. this will be a romance RP where my bunny will start off fairly masculine and over the course become more fem and involves ageplay that could include diapers. if you...
  16. Paintedfoxy

    Seeking MxM NSFW RP!

    Hiya! Big fan of all of those things so if you wanna RP let me know :)
  17. Paintedfoxy

    NSFW discord server inviting new members

    Hiya! Saw your post and was wondering if you have more room in your discord?