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  1. Krystal Harmonia

    Give to the "Fill up Krystal's iPod" Foundation!

    So, I just got a really nifty 6th gen iPod Nano for Christmas, and I need de musics to put on it. Here's where you come in! You can either: - Suggest a song/artist/album for me to get and supply a download link or something, or Actually, I think that's about it. So, get to it! My iPod is...
  2. Krystal Harmonia

    The Return of Krystal Harmonia (Kind of)

    Hey, guys, it's been a while, hasn't it? Man, leave a forum for a couple of months and you miss everything. How could I miss an entire drama war? Yeah, I heard about that Mike idiot. Wow. And I thought it couldn't get any wierder. Anyways, the main reason I'm here is to tell the truth about...
  3. Krystal Harmonia

    Krystal's Request

    Hey, all you talented artists out there (I'm jealous of you guys, I can't draw at all). If any of you could draw me an awesome pony-related picture with my OC in it, that would be much appreciated. Ref is my avatar and profile picture. And I'd also like to request that it be in the style of the...
  4. Krystal Harmonia

    Canadian furs?

    The majority of us furry folk seem to be American. I was wondering if there were any other furs from Canada, like me. I'll put your name in my list, if you post here. Look, I'll even start us off! British Columbia Krystal Harmonia (Abbotsford) Seriosly, post, guys.
  5. Krystal Harmonia

    Free Music!

    Is music considered art? I don't really know. Anyways, my friend Nathan and I are hangin' out, and he had this awesome idea that we could get some song requests, record them, and give them away for FREE! Yes, FREE! So, pick a song, if you can find a good kareoke (did I spell that tight...
  6. Krystal Harmonia

    Furry Story... I need some help.

    I'd love to write some fiction, and I was wondering if anyone was willing to let me use their fursona's image/personality/stuff in the story. Also, if any of you would be willing to pair up, I might need some couples... it might get...intersting, to say the least. Any ideas would be accepted as...