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  1. Lawd Desidas Silves

    »///#[»THE DESIDAS SUN GATE [V2.0]~]

    »///#[»THE DESIDAS SUN GATE~ [V2.0]] »///#[»At one point in existence there were infinite amounts of alternate Earths; each Earth was a single person’s dream of a perfect world. Every time the dream had to end, that one person had to choose how to end it. The people playing god would...
  2. Lawd Desidas Silves


    Hi, I'm Lawd Desidas!
  3. Lawd Desidas Silves


    Hai all. Gaze upon my glorious engine!
  4. Lawd Desidas Silves

    The Desidas Sun Gate

    Dragons build and maintain realities like Earth. To make maintaining realities easy, they created the Desidas Gate. The Desidas Gate rests on Earth's equator, There is also one on the Sun. They have been there since the beginning of time, making the gate's age infinite. Nicknamed the Desidas...
  5. Lawd Desidas Silves

    Greetings! From the Black Demon Tar Pit!

    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lawddesidas/ I am Lord Desidas, keeper of the Desidas Sun Gate! [Read my profile and look at my gallery for what that is] Anyway, I thought I'd finally show my face here and get to know some people. My fursona is Sergal, if you've heard of it.