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  1. Keeroh

    How did you pick your fursona species?

    I found myself rummaging through trash one day. Alternatively, I made a list of animals I liked/thought were cute (it was... a very long list) and then poked through the behavior that has been observed by said animal, and varied lores around them. (Raccoons lore considers them tricksters, they...
  2. Keeroh

    Clothes or no clothes on furries?

    I think it depends on the style. I think clothes add a lot more personality and realism to it. But, no clothing does lend itself to being a little more close to the nature-y part of the animal origins. I'm a sucker for some cute furries in oversized sweaters though. :x
  3. Keeroh

    Non-fur Researcher

    I almost forgot to share the Ancient Folk Songs of our Peoples: Not... quite. But, it's honestly a really good little summary! And I'm sure you could do with something lighthearted after your umpteenth cup of coffee.
  4. Keeroh

    Non-fur Researcher

    It's okay, sleep is the trade-off for academia sometimes. I understand. If you must make a 'sona (which, the thought of a professor asking a student to make a fursona is possibly the greatest thing I've heard all week. Thank you. ♥ ) just know that there really are not hard rules. You don't...
  5. Keeroh

    Non-fur Researcher

    And a suggestion, I don't think it's necessary to make a Fursona. Just my opinion, but it seems like it comes off somewhat... hm, how to phrase this. Sorta feels like David Attenborough crouched in the bushes narrating the behaviors of the Wild and Wonderous Furries. "As you can see, the males...
  6. Keeroh

    Non-fur Researcher

    Inkbunny has no real social networking possibilities, you'd be essentially cold-calling people. SoFurry is a bit more socially inclined, and I've never heard of FurNation so I don't know if I can comment on that. Livejournal might be a decent source, albeit it isn't as active as it used to be-...
  7. Keeroh

    Non-fur Researcher

    I'd highly suggest hunting around for local meetups (Furmeets. We're very original with naming.) or conventions, and seeing if people are willing to talk or let you observe there. This forum has a lot of weird history within the fandom that- while interesting in its own right- means that the...
  8. Keeroh

    fursuiting with asthma?

    You may want to opt for wearing a balaclava beneath the head. No matter how much you brush and clean and fiddle, there's a load of particulates (faux fur, thread fibers, adhesive residue, deteriorating foam, etc etc.) that will be unavoidable while your head is shoved in there. Wearing the...
  9. Keeroh

    Unsure About my Place in the Community

    It's a fandom. If the species of your fictionally created self representative anthropomorphic character is something that leads people to not want to socialize with you, then... they aren't worth socializing with. If people are put off by your kinks and quirks, they are not worth socializing...
  10. Keeroh

    What song are you listening to?

    Also: <- A delightful and woefully under appreciated band. :3
  11. Keeroh

    (Rant) Why are some people so sensitive in this fandom?

    Everyone is sensitive everywhere. This fandom isn't special. You can replicate these results in literally any fandom online. And, I'd reckon you could do so in other large social groups that are centered around the creation of goods and services that only seek to benefit those within said social...
  12. Keeroh

    Simple ideas on how to not overheat (with your head on)?

    Fursuit in the snow. Otherwise, your best bet is to substitute foam for mesh wherever possible. Plastic mesh. For the love of god though, NO PAPER MACHE. It's solid. It's hard. It'll get moldy with how much humidity is going on in there. If you waterproof it, the waterproofing will leech into...
  13. Keeroh

    Hi, I'm new around, My names Volpri

    I can chat up a gentle breeze, but not quite a storm. So, hello!
  14. Keeroh

    Have you ever met a furry IRL by accident?

    I was heading home from work at 2am (graveyard shifts woo) and it's quiet and empty around. Because, it's 2am. On a weekday. In a tiny quiet suburban town. Walking to my car, I notice someone meandering along the median of the road. Which, it being the aforementioned middle of night, I assumed...
  15. Keeroh

    Do you keep your online presences segregated?

    Specifically, I'm referring to keeping things that are Furry™ separate in some way or another. Do you lump it all in together, or do you strive to keep a persona online that is not associated with all things anthro? What do you think is the wisest course of action? Do you think it's...
  16. Keeroh

    Opinions on bronies??

    I think it's less so much "Girlz only teehee" and more of a "I'm in the brony fandom but I really detest being called a 'bro' "- Most instances I've seen of people using it, they're just women entrenched in the MLP fandom alongside the dudes.
  17. Keeroh

    Second attempt at a fursuit head!

    Ooh goodness it's so experessive, this is gonna look great! Are the ears going to be padded with foam, or are they going to be furred directly atop the mesh?
  18. Keeroh

    Looking for fursuit makers

    I'm gonna be a buzzkill and tell you that materials and shipping alone will easily break $100. That being said, you should probably post this here: forums.furaffinity.net: Furry Trading Post And be sure to read the stickies and adhere to their posting guidelines if you wish to get anywhere...
  19. Keeroh

    Art Rules?

    That's a good point, I do have another thing to tack on: My suggestion is to, when tracing, DO NOT trace outlines- that's useless to you. It doesn't teach you form. HOWEVER! Take a picture, a drawing, whatever- and using it as a guideline, find the inner structures. Basically, work backwards...
  20. Keeroh

    ANY ARCHER FURS? (probabbly not)

    I'm *attempting* to get into it. Got a purdy recurve bow I'm practicing with, still working on that whole "aiming" thing. One day, hopefully, it'll result in delicious venison. Fingers crossed. ;w;