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  1. Mr. Sparta

    Sparta wants to tell your story ($6-$9)

    So yeah, I'm interested in doing some writing commissions. Link to relevant FA journal http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6867746/ I want to keep it basic for now. $6 for SFW stories, $9 for NSFW. Sound simple? Good. I would love it for people to respond. It would make my day, and I'll make...
  2. Mr. Sparta

    Hypnosis and the like

    So yeah. Hypnosis thread. The last week or so I've been playing around with self-hypnosis videos and files online. So far I found out a lot about the little hobby. Hell, there's even a furry forum dedicated to tf-themed hypnosis. Speaking of tf, i tried a few of those as well. I know I talked...
  3. Mr. Sparta

    Well... Today's the day.

    So here I am, laying in my bed on a sunday morning, in the house full of people who love me. Even my brother is home for me on my special day. There's a french toast casserole heating up downstairs. My dad and I might wade in the hot tub after breakfast. But yet I'm laying on my bed, the past...
  4. Mr. Sparta

    This is SPARTA! Trades, requests and freebies

    Guess who's back? Back again. Sparta's back, tell your friend. So it's been a few months since my last freebie thread and thought "hey, I should do that shit again!" The first time around I didn't get everyone done, but I'll moderate myself so I don't get too flooded, I'll open up six slots...
  5. Mr. Sparta

    Kickass Birthday Memories

    Welp. Today is my birthday and all I have right now is a lot of spare time. I remember back when I turned 6 and we had the typical insanity fest that is Chuck E Cheese with all my friends and I got a shit ton of toys. 13 year old me had a sleepover, with a tent in the back yard. We managed to...
  6. Mr. Sparta

    Let's do some freebies

    (First thread, baby!) As of late I have realized I should be stretching my artistic muscles more often. Aside from the dime a dozen notebook doodles that spawn from in-class boredom, I have nothing of mind. So what should I do? That's where you come in! This is no different than your usual art...