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  1. Daisy La Liebre


    Puscifer is the solo project of Maynard James Keenan, best known as Tool and A Perfect Circle vocalist. His new album "Conditions Of My Parole" came out a couple days ago, and I'm giving it my first listen right now. I'll give my opinion when I've ran through it a few times.
  2. Daisy La Liebre

    The Dreams Megathread

    The other night, I had a very vivid and fucked up dream. It started off in this HUGE concert where everyone had guitars (including the audience), and there was a wall full of like 10'000 guitars on the stage for me to choose from. Not one of them worked. Then for some reason, the world began to...
  3. Daisy La Liebre

    Youtube Poops

    Personally I think they are the highest form of comedy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKNs4YpXVoE
  4. Daisy La Liebre

    What song made you realize you love music?

    When I was 14, I found a band called Chemlab. They play this weird Industrial Rock music that blew my mind, and it went from there. This is the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN6U3lHeC0s
  5. Daisy La Liebre

    Fallout related art.

    Hi! I'm a big fan of the Fallout series, and a friend suggested I get my fursona drawn somehow related to the game. I'd very much appreciate someone drawing my fursona (written and drawn references here) in Raider armor (any of the varieties shown in the link will do!) holding a Laser rifle...
  6. Daisy La Liebre

    I love the smell of Mole Rat meat in the morning. (Fallout discussion thread)

    So yesterday I ran across the guys that were going to Oasis. I saved their asses from wildlife and they thanked me by trying to kill me, the nobs. Then I got abducted by aliens. It just wasn't my day. I'll kick off the discussion by asking what's your favourite DLC on any Fallout game?
  7. Daisy La Liebre

    Sci-fi book recommendations

    Science fiction has always appealed to me, so any suggestions for good reading would be great. I ordered Neuromancer by William Gibson today.
  8. Daisy La Liebre

    National Anthems/Patriotic Songs

    What is your favourite national anthem? Anything is better than God Save The Queen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U06jlgpMtQs
  9. Daisy La Liebre

    Daisy the bunny.

    Name: Daisy Pretty Age: 20 Sex: Female Species: Jack Rabbit Height/Weight: 5’7 and 130 pounds. Build: Medium build, not fat, but not supermodel skinny. Hair and fur: White, fluffy fur with black accents. Black tipped ears, black ‘socks’, intricate, swirly black markings on her torso and...
  10. Daisy La Liebre

    Music chat client

    So I found this really neat thing that lets users in the chat room make a playlist of music, and it plays while you chat. Come join me!
  11. Daisy La Liebre

    What's the stupidest way you've injured yourself?

    Once, I was racing my brother down a steep hill on our bikes. I suddenly decided that switching to first gear and pedaling as fast as I could was a good idea. Nope. I couldn't open my left eye the next day, and had to get half of my upper lip glued back on. No fun. This other time I was getting...
  12. Daisy La Liebre

    Book I can't remember the title of. Please help!

    Okay, so when I was at school, I read this book where this girl gets a phone call from a suicidal boy, but she goes to find him and he isn't there. It's set in a little village/small town that is engulfed in snow, and this boy is kind of supernatural. He's wanted for a murder or rape of a little...
  13. Daisy La Liebre

    Is Bill O'Reilly a Brony?

    I must know.
  14. Daisy La Liebre

    A Level General Studies revision fun size!

    How does I pass?
  15. Daisy La Liebre

    Lyrics thread

    Feel free to dump lyrics you like here. Just don't fill the page with a full song, and tell us where it's from, too. Don't post videos, please, otherwise it just turns into Generic Music Sharing Thread No. 103409850.
  16. Daisy La Liebre

    Going busking tomorrow

    So yeah, this will be my first time playing guitar and singing in public for tips. I'm pretty nervous, but excited at the same time. If anyone's ever done this before, got any pointers?
  17. Daisy La Liebre

    "Right to Die" activist Jack Kevorkian is dead.

    "Dr. Death" Jack Kevorkian died today of deteriorating kidney and respiratory problems. Wonder if it was assisted.
  18. Daisy La Liebre

    Would you rather be poor doing a job you love, or well off doing something you hate?

    Personally, I've embraced a life of perminant poverty and obscurity as long as I can put all my energy into what I love, and just a small part into whatever shit job I land.
  19. Daisy La Liebre

    Jesus Christ Porno Star

    It's a bangin' tune. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN6U3lHeC0s
  20. Daisy La Liebre

    Alice in Chains

    I ran a search and was really surprised there was no Alice in Chains thread here. Acoustic Alice in Chains was the best. I prefer Music Bank to all three of their studio albums at the moment, too. Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley were one of the best duets ever...