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  1. LeFay

    Fandom migrating to telegram

    So I wasn't sure about whether or not to post this in general or technology but since I'm looking for opinions and info and not tech info. So as a couple people know I do indepth research and information gathering on our fandom. I just find it fun :p Something I've noticed though is a high...
  2. LeFay

    I want to hear your dreams

    I looked through the threads and didn't find anything that quite fit what I'm looking for or where outdated. Dreams interest me to no end and I'm very curious about them. Not for any spiritual reason, just general curiosity. So I want to know what kinds of dreams you guys have, what's the most...
  3. LeFay

    I want to become a furry [Discord Server]

    The "I want to become a furry" discord server is a fairly new server that originally started on r/Iwanttobecomeafurry and is a meeting ground for both old and new furs alike with the intention of introducing new members into the fandom. This discord is a place where furries, young and old, can...
  4. LeFay

    How's going fellas

    What's up my dudes, I've been in the fandom for about ten years now and have kinda dipped in and out of the community mostly just viewing artwork and generally lurking. I'd like to think I'm an okay guy and I'm always up for some good conversation so feel free to message me or hit me up if...